WWE: Chris Jericho's Return Is in Excellent Heel Promo

Rob ManiseroCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2012

At first glance, the return of Y2J after almost two months worth of promos looks like a complete waste of time.

In reality, it was a unique and creative idea to turn Jericho heel for his eventual feud against CM Punk.

Chris Jericho danced around the ring and stage for about 10 minutes—although by the end it seemed like an hour. He looked like he wanted to say something numerous times, but he continued to milk his return with a full-blown smile the entire time.

After a couple of minutes, it seemed that Jericho was simply soaking in the cheers after being gone from the business for over a year. But Y2J had another intention on his mind: becoming a bad guy in innovative fashion.

By the time Jericho left the stage, he was receiving boos from the crowd that had grown tired of cheering for Y2J. In this way, Jericho started the storyline between himself and CM Punk without involving the WWE champion.

The most obvious option for Jericho's return was to have him interrupt the WWE title match and attack Punk. But where would they go from there? If the company wants to cash in on this storyline for WrestleMania, how would they hold off the match for four months?

Next week, Jericho can come out, cut a promo and have his heel turn basically complete. He can blame the hypocrites in the crowd for not showing him enough love when he returned, even though he obviously let that go on much longer than it should have.

After Punk finishes with Ziggler, Jericho can then turn his attention to the champion. He can make his claim to the "best in the world" phrase and start the feud we have all wanted to see. Furthermore, he will mock the fans for accepting Punk as the best but not himself.

It was different. And just like Taker and Triple H's returns last year, Jericho did not need to say a word.

For all those who felt tonight's return was a waste, be patient. The payoff will come in the form of a great feud with CM Punk and an excellent WrestleMania contest.