7 Bold Predictions for Andrew Luck's Inevitable Colts Career

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IJanuary 3, 2012

7 Bold Predictions for Andrew Luck's Inevitable Colts Career

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    With the Colts having rights to the No. 1 overall pick in next year's NFL Draft, there is likely only one player that they will consider.

    That player is none other than Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

    Luck is one of the best QB prospects to come out of college in the past 25 years and Indianapolis will likely have him succeed long-time signal-caller Peyton Manning in the near future.

    Here are seven bold predictions for Luck's career with the Colts.

Andrew Luck Will Win Offensive ROY in 2012

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    This a tough award to win in your first season in the league, but I think Andrew Luck has what it takes to do it in 2012.

    Assuming that the Colts select him with the first overall pick in April's NFL Draft, Luck should inherit a solid Indianapolis offense that already possesses a few weapons on it.

    I don't expect him to light the world on fire in his first season in the league, but I do think that he will do just enough to win this prestigious award.

    His main competition will likely be Robert Griffin III from Baylor, but I see Luck overtaking him for this honor after throwing for 25 touchdowns and 3,800 yards with a 92.0 passer rating in his rookie campaign.

Andrew Luck Will Throw for over 60,000 Passing Yards

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    In his collegiate career, Luck managed to throw for over 9,000 yards while playing for the Stanford Cardinal.

    Based on his abilities and his overall talent level, it's not a stretch to say that he could throw for 60,000 yards or more in the NFL.

    There's only been two QBs in league history that have reached that plateau, and there names were Favre and Marino.

    I see Luck becoming the third quarterback to reach that prestigious milestone.

Andrew Luck Will Throw for at Least 350 Touchdowns

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    You are likely to see a similar image like the one in this picture many times for the Colts when Andrew Luck is their QB in the future.

    As of right now, 350 touchdowns would put Luck in fourth place on the NFL's all-time list.

    With around 25 TD passes a season for 14 seasons should end up doing the trick for Mr. Luck.

Andrew Luck Will Throw at Least 200 Interceptions

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    Not everything that Luck will do in his NFL career will be successful.

    Since he has a big arm, and will likely take many chances with it by throwing down the field, I see him throwing a fair amount of interceptions throughout his career with Indy.

    I still see his TD/INT rate being around 1.5/1, even though his ratio in college has been around 4/1 in his days at Stanford.

    Luck will soon find out that NFL defenses are much faster, and it is much easier to throw a pick in the pros.

Andrew Luck Will Make Colts' Fans Forget About Peyton Manning

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    This prediction might have seemed hard to believe just a few years ago, but things have drastically changed since then.

    Luck is one of the most talented QBs to ever enter the NFL Draft, and he should be a solid replacement for future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

    Manning missed the entire '11 season from neck surgery and all signs point to him not returning to the Colts next season.

    Luck has all the talent that Manning possesses and has a chance to be even better than the former University of Tennessee star.

Andrew Luck Will Be a 12-Time Pro Bowl Selection

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    I see this prediction as being almost a lock for the two-time Heisman runner-up.

    Everyone knows that the Pro Bowl is more of a popularity contest, and after Luck makes it in the first year or two of his career, it should be smooth sailing for him to continue to get selected each season after that.

    The Pro Bowl might turn into the "Luck Bowl" before long.

    I expect him to not only make 12 Pro Bowls, but also to be first-team All-Pro a total of 10 times as well.

Andrew Luck Will Lead the Colts to 2 Super Bowl Victories

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    This is easily my boldest prediction of them all.

    In today's NFL, it's becoming very clear that elite quarterbacks are winning the Super Bowl nearly every season.

    Last year, it was Aaron Rodgers who was hoisting the Lombardi trophy, and the year before him it was Drew Brees taking it home.

    Who's to say that Andrew Luck won't join these future Hall of Famers with a couple of Super Bowl rings for himself?