Lowe Down Part 2: What Type Of Money Does Derek Lowe Want?

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIJanuary 3, 2009

Ah, money. Everybody loves it (well, mostly everybody; there are some weird stories out there). Baseball players find it very important in regards to where they want to play.

Some ballplayers favor money over their families *cough* CC Sabathia *cough*.  Everybody gets paid different amounts of money.  Some people get paid $10.00 an hour, while some get paid $20 million a year. 

Former Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe is on a quest to find the perfect team and most importantly, the highest amount of money for his services. A couple of days ago, Lowe was offered a contract from the New York Mets. The Mets have a contending team with an upgraded bullpen and a beautiful new stadium. 

It was everything Lowe could have dreamed of, until he found out about the money. Lowe was only going to get paid $12 million a year, and he could not accept that 'Lowe' (ha ha, I made a joke) amount of money. It was an insult to him.

Don't be afraid. The Mets knew that he wasn't going to accept it; they just wanted to build on the contract. It was something called an Initial Contract.

So, what does Lowe want?  He'd love to get $14-$15 million a year. He would also love a four-year contract. Lowe and the Mets are currently working the contract out, trying to fashion one that they both can live with.

I believe the Mets should give Lowe a three-year deal worth $14.5 million a year, with a fourth-year player option.

Will the Mets give Lowe the offer he would love? Or would another team swoop down and grab him with their own offer.

Stay tuned to find out.