WWE Roster Merge: Are We Slowly Headed in That Direction?

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 2, 2012

WWE Smackdown Superstar Randy Orton
WWE Smackdown Superstar Randy Orton

Over a year ago, I posted an article called The WWE Rosters: A Merge is The Right Thing To Do.

Lately, nearly every single Raw has been a Supershow with SmackDown wrestlers in the house. This move makes it seem like the WWE is slowly headed towards merging the rosters together.

In my firm belief, a merge has way more pros than cons.


Pros of a roster merge: When a star like Randy Orton gets injured on WWE's secondary show, it will have many stars to fall back on.

With more stars on SmackDown, WWE could see a ratings increase.  However, I think the biggest problem there is the show not being live.  People have things to do on Friday night as opposed to Monday.

WWE could utilize one major title instead of having two.  Some might not see this as a good thing, but I do.

Eliminating a world title will move the Intercontinental Championship up in the ranks to help bring importance back to that title.  I think the white leather and old style look Cody Rhodes is using is a big step in the direction of making that title better.

Cons of a roster merge: Less opportunity for younger stars for a major championship?

WWE draft show would be eliminated. 


Maybe I am a bit bias to this situation and don't see too many bad things about a merge.

I am not predicting a roster merge, I just think it would be what is best for the company.

The newly announced WWE Network could play a role in this as well, as younger stars could have their matches played on a weekly basis to keep them fresh on fans' minds.

What do you think? Should the WWE merge their rosters into one?