Pittsburgh Sports, 2008 A Whole Lot Of Good, One Obvious Bad

Arthur GrazianiContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

Yes, you could say it has been a banner year for Pittsburgh sports. But alas, if only the Pirates could somehow, someway... Oh well, another article for another day.

Lets start with the best of the year. The Pittsburgh Penguins. After a few years building up a quality foundation,the 2008 Pens made an impressive trade deadline splash, without giving up too much. Their intentions were obvious. A run for the Stanley Cup was within their grasp and they were going to take it. And WOW did they!!!

A most enjoyable six weeks for the Pens and their fans, beating up on the Sens, Rangers, and Flyers, found them facing the favorite in Detroit. Unfortunately the Pens finally seemed overwhelmed, and two games in, they were all but out of it. Still this team's future looks BRIGHT as the SUN!!

Malkin, Crosby, Fleury, Letang, Staal, etc.. they sure have enough young talent. 

The Steelers had their usual success. Division titles and playoff births have been all but expected in this town. But with a franchise quarterback, and a young head coach who exudes confidenceand expects perfection, and a stability at all levels of the organization, this is how it should be. A terrific 2008 regular season, against one of the toughest schedules around, means a 2009 playoff run is definitely in the cards.

Of course the Pirates are the Pirates. I won't elaborate more, except to say there is a new regime in place, hopefully they get it right.......eventually.

And then you throw in successful seasons for Pitt (especially the B-ball team), Penn State (good thing the Rose Bowl was on New Years day), and WVU (Pat White-best Mountaineer ever). And heck even golf gave us a memorable weekend. Rocco Mediate has always been a local favorite, and to see him go toe to toe with the greatest golfer in the world, very, very cool!!!