WWE: Two Major Stars Spotted in Memphis Ahead of Tonight's RAW

Colonel SteeleAnalyst IJanuary 2, 2012

The wrestling community has erupted after photos of two major wrestling stars arriving in Memphis, Tenn. hit the dirtsheets. With tonight being an important show, as the man behind the "It Begins" vignettes is revealed, these photos have sent rumors rampant.

The first of the two leaked out early in the morning, picturing Chris Jericho arriving in the Memphis airport. Jericho has long been the favorite for the returning wrestler and this photo has only increased speculation. There is a lesser-seen image that originally accompanied this, showing the first ever Undisputed Champion collecting his luggage.

That seemed to put all concerns to rest, and the IWC felt content in knowing that Mr. Jericho is making his comeback. However, just a few hours ago, another photo made its rise. The legendary Undertaker has been spotted walking around Tennessee with his wife, Michelle McCool. Held tightly in his hand is his baggage, as if he has just arrived from a flight.

Taker has also been another favorite to return, but his injury has led many to believe that his inevitable arrival is being delayed. Once this picture began to spread, along with reports to partner it, the theories went wild again. Jericho is no longer a lock, but then again, he never was. There have been many signs pointing to other stars finding their way back besides him, such as Lesnar with his MMA retirement and now the Deadman sighting.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think maybe both Chris Jericho and the Undertaker are behind the promos? Leave a comment below, we're all interested to hear your opinions.


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