Derrick Burgess Is The Cause of the Raiders Woes Against the Run

tim spoonauerContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

If I were to say Derrick Burgess is the reason the Raiders run D is bad, I would be looked at like I had 8 heads. But, if you really look at it, you may find that I'm right.

Derrick Burgess is simply a freak and I could write a page on this beast, but it would be a waste of time. He is a terrible run stopper which is why we give up so many big runs.

Don't mistake this for me saying he isn't a good tackler. Without a doubt, I think he is the best tackler on the D-line, but all his moves take him outside which open up a huge gap to fill on a run play, which would seem to make it the linebacker's problem, but to ask an outside linebacker to stuff an NFL running back in a huge hole five times a game is just plain unreasonable.

Burgess' first year, I thought, screw it, 16 sacks, I'll take for a couple of huge runs a season, but then it happened. Kirk Morrison went to the Middle Linebacker position where, without a doubt, he deserves to be because as he is an amazing tackler and he is amazing in coverage.

With Burgess always going outside and Kirk up the middle, I thought we could be alright if we got a tackling outside linebacker to go behind which we have yet to do. Then Burgess' numbers dropped and with our clear weakness so did our ability to stop the run and my ability to keep my mouth shut.

There are only two things that can prevent this from happening next year. Either Burgess needs to be let go or the Raiders better sign the best damn outside linebacker we have ever seen (Terrell Suggs)...cough cough...