Liverpool FC: Change Is in the Air

Justin BaskinCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2008

A season that started with so much promise is slowly becoming the biggest letdown in Liverpool history. 

Every year all Liverpool could say was, if we had the same money as other teams we would be able to challenge for trophies. Liverpool had new owners this season and with them, a promise of a lot of money, and they spent big time. 

We are over halfway through the season now and it looks like the only way Liverpool will be in next year's Champions League, will be if they win it.

I believe the problem lies in Rafael Benitez's lack of passion for the English game, I feel that he thinks that the prestige of Champions League is more important the English Local Leagues and cups.

Whenever there is a Champions League match, the weekend before features a weakened Liverpool side. This has happened consistently over Benitez’s reign. 

I don’t think there is any way Rafael Benitez can save his job even if he wins the Champions League. The Liverpool fans want to win the Premiership, and that will not happen with Benitez as Liverpool manager, the Premiership is not his priority. 

The next manager must only want to win the Premiership; anything else is just a bonus. The talk is that Jose Morinho is being linked to the Liverpool job, and I think that would be a great move, as he is a proven League winner. The owners must just let him do what he does best without interference.

The next phase of the Champions League starts again this week, and I believe Liverpool will do well again. Not because I am a diehard Liverpool fan, but because this is where Benitez puts all of his effort, and his style of football works great in Champions League. 

So where does Liverpool go from here? They need to do what Steven Gerrard said a few weeks ago: They must do all their talking on the field, play well and win matches, try to secure a fourth position and show character. 

The season is not over yet and there are still a lot of points to be won. Liverpool needs a change, but for now they must do the best with what they have.