Regular Season Closes; Week 17 Recap

Fantasy GuidelineContributor IIIJanuary 2, 2012

First off, I just want to say it’s nice to be back with Fantasy Guideline. I will be the first to admit that I do not put in half amount of time and work that Brandon Berg has put into this sight, and I am still grateful that he allows me write an article when I feel like writing. So, thanks Brandon and keep up the good work, and I will try my best to keep articles coming on a regular basis.

Now lets get to the article, shall we?

As it does every year, the regular season has come to an end, and way to soon. Week 17 brought us a lot of excitement and here is a brief recap of the action:

1. Apparently losing is the new winning.

The Broncos were a win away from capturing the AFC West title, but lost to Kansas City 7-3. Seems like the Tebow Magic is on hold. For now. The Bengals needed a win and they would clinch the Wild Card, but fell to the Baltimore Ravens 24-16. Both lost. Both failed, right? Wrong. Broncos still won the AFC West, thanks to the Chargers playing spoilers and upending the Raiders 38-26. And the Bengals stayed right where they were after the Jets fell to the Dolphins, 19-17, and the Broncos loss to the Chiefs. I’d say lucky, but with Tebow magic always flowing around Mile High, and the Bengals just seem to be a different team, maybe it’s that destiny word. Nah, this is the NFL, no room for destiny.

2. Patriots need to come back from behind. Again.

For the second straight week, the Patriots fell behind early and needed to score quickly and often in order to come back. First, they fell behind to the Dolphins, 17-0, then outscored the Fins 27-7 to close out the game with the 27-24 victory. And this week, the Pats fell behind 21-0 to the Bills, only to rack up 49 unanswered for the 49-21 victory. Now, with all due respect to the Dolphins and the Bills, they are still two teams that are not playoff bound. They sport losing records. If the Patriots fall behind like they have these last two weeks in the playoffs, I do not see them being able to pull off another comeback. Marvin Lewis and the Bengals won’t allow it. (Oh, by the way, the Bengals will beat the Texans in the Wild Card round.) Better get your team to play a whole game Bill Belichick, or your Patriots will be going home early. Again.

3. Flynn, Stafford both shine.

Matt Flynn broke Packer franchise records in this game. Both for yards thrown in a single game and TD passes

in a single game. His 31-44 for 480 yards and 6 TD with 1 INT was a great way for his second career start to go. And it will most likely make him one of the hot commodities on the Free Agent list this offseason.  But, as great as a day he had, he will still take a back seat to Aaron Rodgers once the playoffs begin in a few weeks for the Pack. On the other side of the ball, Matthew Stafford continued his great regular season with a 36-59 for 520 yards, 5 TD and 2 INT day at Lambeau. Stafford has single handily carried this team throughout the year thanks to a defunct running game and a defense that has struggled at times. Stafford could make noise in the playoffs, but if that defense don’t start creating turnovers and stops, then they will be in trouble. Because if they thought Flynn was good, wait tell they play Brees next weekend.

4. Who would have thunk it? Favre is still hurting the Vikings!

Remember when Michael Strahan was having the season of his career, and set the sacks record at 22 1/2? Well, remember when he was at 21 1/2 and Brett Favre practically gave him a free-bree while they played against each other? I do. He seen the blitz, and blindly changed the play to a play action rollout, only to run right into Strahan, who recorded his last sack of that season and finished with 22 1/2. Had Favre not been so kind to Strahan that day, Jared Allen would now hold that record. He finished with 22 at the end of the season, 1/2 a sack back of Strahan. Strahan better have called and at least said thank you to Brett at the end of the day. By the way, here is the link: What do you think of the, “Phantom Sack?”

5. Lets ride into the playoffs.

I’ve enjoyed the hell outta the 2011 regular season, but nothing beats the playoffs. So, on to 2012! Good luck to all teams preparing to battle it out on the gridiron to host the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Let the playoffs begin!