BREAKING NEWS: Wrestlemaina Plans Leaked!

Alex DavidsonContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

I've just checked out a wrestling news site called "Lords of Pain" and apparently they have reliable info concerning the current plans for Wrestlemania 25. It isn't set in stone that these events will occur, but they've never failed me before providing spoilers on Royal Rumble '08 and Wrestlemania 24 to name a few.

You might not like the direction these events are heading, and it might not be true (but that's unlikely), but I didn't write it, so don't shoot the messanger.

So far, WWE has decided that Edge will cost Jeff Hardy the WWE title at some point before 'Mania. Then, Jeff will either win the Royal Rumble (this is unlikely as the event is pretty soon and I can't see Jeff having a title match and then entering the rumble on the same night) or he'll win the elimination chamber match at No Way Out (if you've read a previous article I wrote 'Crunch Time: What the WWE can do to Regain Respect' then you'll know my thoughts on holding a chamber match at No Way Out).

Then, in the coming weeks, Edge will reveal Christian as the person who attacked Jeff at survivor series (meaning Christian won't be in the rumble). Jeff will then decide to turn down a title shot (most likely against HHH) to have a grudge match against Christian at 'Mania. (Which I don't see the point of doing, this means a rumble win or an entire chamber match is pointless).

Not only will Jeff face Christian, but the WWE title match will be Edge v HHH.

These events aren't certainly going to happen, but that is the plan at the moment.