WWE: Does Heath Slater Really Have a Chance on SmackDown?

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 4, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

A lot of fans who watch SmackDown may have already forgotten who Heath Slater is. He doesn't really stick out and he seems to have fallen through the cracks after the Nexus and the Corre disbanded.

When he does get a shot at being on the show like he did this last Friday, it is used as an excuse to make mention of his red hair and have him squashed in a match with Sheamus.  He doesn't get a real chance to compete.

Now he is really only given serious matches on NXT.

And he still loses them.

The self-proclaimed "One Man Southern Rock Band" doesn't really seem to have found his place in the company and it shows.  His nickname, his look, his accent and his style in the ring just don't seem to illicit a response with fans.

It isn't like Slater is being lazy.  Every time he goes out it seems like he gives it his all and really tries to get over as a despicable person, but whatever he does, the crowd just doesn't seem to care.

He just doesn't seem to have "it."

It is painful to hear his promos and he just doesn't seem to get any real heat with them.  He just doesn't seem to make the connection with the fans.

There is only one option for left if Slater wants to turn his chances around.  He needs to mix the gimmick up or find a new one.

Regardless of which path he takes, he needs to cut his hair and drop the leather studs from his ring attire.  While he is at it, he also needs to get rid of the part of his act where he shakes his head while his tongue is sticking out or at least tone it down.

It could work for the right wrestler, just not Slater.

The problem is, what is right for him?

In this writer's humble opinion, when it comes to Slater, he needs to stick with who he is.  Making a gimmick like Slater being a country bumpkin for example wouldn't work.

He truly believes that he is a rock star and keeps pushing that.

He just needs to find a way to make it stick.  The gimmick is unique, but Slater seems to be intent on sticking with it when it just doesn't deliver.

So does Slater have what it takes to be a top wrestler?

It doesn't look like it.  Unless he finds a way to change his style, he will just be another wrestler who did his best and was a competent worker, but never stood out.

It may not be what Slate wanted, but then again, there are plenty of wrestlers who have the same stories.

Just like there are many groups who have the same tale when it comes to trying to be a top band.

There are the men who make it to the top of the mountain and then there is everyone else.

Slater might just be part of that latter group even if he doesn't want to be.