Drew Brees Tops List of 10 Free Agent QBs in NFL Going into 2012 Offseason

Mike DiamondContributor IJanuary 2, 2012

Drew Brees Tops List of 10 Free Agent QBs in NFL Going into 2012 Offseason

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    After a very exciting 2011 Regular Season, let's take a look at some of the top quarterbacks who are available via draft or free agency and what teams they may be a good fit for. Between one of the most QB-savvy drafts in recent memory, a good number of free agents and a few teams needing a QB, we shall see what you think.

No. 10: Vince Young

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    Yes, I start with the Eagles backup. I believe that he still has something in the tank, despite an iffy performance as a substitute for Michael Vick. But look at who else there is? Chad Henne, A.J. Feeley and Brady Quinn were possibilities here, but I would prefer Young.

    Possible Fit: Philadelphia (probably going to stay as backup)

No. 9: Charlie Batch

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    A solid performance against an otherwise terrible St. Louis Rams team has earned him a spot here. He would be a good fit for a team that needs a veteran QB to mentor a young QB, and someone to grind it out if needed.

    Possible Fits: Tampa Bay, Miami, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Arizona

No. 8: Shaun Hill

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    Shaun Hill deserves a chance, with Matthew Stafford having a breakout season this year and his pretty good season as a starter for the Lions last year after Stafford went down. A team without a QB who needs a transition QB or someone who is just a better QB, should take a chance on Hill.

    Possible Fits: Jacksonville, Arizona, Washington, Seattle

#7: Robert Griffin, III

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    Heisman Trophy winner with raw talent. He would be a great fit to study under a veteran QB for a few years since he is a couple away from being NFL-ready. Possessing extreme poise and a lot of athletic ability, he could be useful in a Wildcat situation here and there.

    Possible Fits: Indianapolis, Baltimore, New England

No. 6: Jake Delhomme

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    Pretty good day for the veteran; we shall see how he does in the playoffs next week against the Bengals. A midseason pickup, he would be a great mentor for a young quarterback and/or could be a veteran backup for an iffy quarterback situation.

    Possible Fits: Minnesota, Cincinnati, Miami, Cleveland, Washington, (any team who gets Robert Griffin, III)

No. 5: Jason Campbell

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    A season-ending injury and the emergence of Carson Palmer with the Silver and Black may have cost him his job in Oakland. Although I could see him being in a quarterback race with Palmer next preseason, I could also see him exploring other options.

    Possible Fits: Oakland, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Miami, Arizona

No. 4: Kyle Orton

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    Despite being run out of Denver and having some flashes of a being a bad QB, he is still a good option for any team in need of a solid, if unspectacular, QB.

    Possible Fits: Washington, Arizona, Kansas City, Tennessee, Jacksonville

No. 3: Andrew Luck

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    The top prize of the draft, apparently NFL-ready. The guy we have been talking about all season. Who's going to "SUCK" for Luck? And now Indianapolis, probably one of the least likely candidates going into the season to draft the first pick, due to the injury to Peyton Manning now has the control for drafting him.

    Possible Fits: Indianapolis, Washington, Dallas

No. 2: Matt Flynn

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    The best backup this season in the NFL. As shown by the last game of the season today, 480 yards and six TDs against a top-five defense in Detroit. Pretty impressive and very worthy of a starting job next season.

    Possible Fits: Washington, Jacksonville, Seattle, Miami

No. 1: Drew Brees

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    Come on, breaking Dan Marino's record, enough said. New Orleans loves him, he is a class act.

    Possible Fit: New Orleans (he isn't going anywhere)