NFL Playoffs 2012: Why Tim Tebow Would Make Everything Better

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NFL Playoffs 2012: Why Tim Tebow Would Make Everything Better
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If Tim Tebow made the playoffs, every round would be even better.

Tebow is one of the most polarizing athletes today, and the NFL playoffs need someone like that. Football is more about the teams than the individuals. Nevertheless, Tebow manages to steal the spotlight.

If the Denver Broncos manage to win today, Tebow would bring his madness to the playoffs. After a couple rough weeks, Tebow mania has calmed down. You can be sure that it would pick right back up in the playoffs.

Tebow, with his unique skill set, would surely keep his team's playoff games interesting.

His throws in the dirt or into the third row are spectacular. Who doesn't want to watch a professional athlete look like someone's dad trying too hard in the backyard? The 50/50 chance of the ball even being in the vicinity of a receiver makes the game even more exciting.

On top of the throws, I want to see his scrambling.

When Tebow, rolls to the left, he seems to become an even better quarterback than when he's in the pocket. However, when he rolls to the right, it looks like he's throwing the ball with his weak hand.

Seriously, has anyone asked him if he's right-handed? I feel like he would know by now, but you never know.

Finally, Tebow in the playoffs means even more confused pundits. Watching guys on NFL Live and SportsCenter talk like they're analyzing something like rugby is priceless. They can't figure Tebow out, and it usually results in the host looking into the camera and saying, "But he wins football games."

We haven't had this magic for almost two weeks. We need it back, Tebow. We need more of it.

We need Tebow in the playoffs. It would make the games much better.

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