Dave Meltzer Speculates That Brock Lesnar Will Soon Return to WWE

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Dave Meltzer Speculates That Brock Lesnar Will Soon Return to WWE
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Acclaimed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has revealed that Brock Lesnar may soon make a WWE comeback after retiring from competition in MMA.

Meltzer, a writer for The Wrestling Observer, spoke about rumours that suggested he would retire and move on to WWE if he were to lose his fight against Alistair Overeem, as reported by wrestlinginc.com:

I heard for the past three or four weeks that if Brock were to lose don't be surprised to see him in WWE fairly soon.

Since he did indeed lose the fight to Overeem at UFC 141, Lesnar announced his retirement in a speech Meltzer referred to as having been "clearly practiced."

The Internet was abuzz with rumours last year that Vince McMahon wanted to sign Lesnar for a one-time deal at WrestleMania XVII, which supposedly amounted to nothing because of the intervention of Dana White, the president of UFC.

Now, Meltzer believes that McMahon is again interested in working with Lesnar, who despite retiring is still contracted to UFC, meaning any deal that involved Lesnar appearing for WWE would have to be brokered with White.

And any deal that could be negotiated would only involve Lesnar working for a few shows: 

Brock will never go full time to pro wrestling. Brock will do a WrestleMania for a huge payoff, maybe he'll do two or three more pro wrestling matches and it will wear off.

In other news, some of the wrestlers that will feature in the biopic about Chris Benoit have been revealed.

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