49ers vs. Rams Cheerleader Video: Fox Sports' Slow-Motion Shot Not so Subtle

Dorth Raphaely@mr_dorthCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2012

In Fox Sports' telecast of the San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams, as they went to commercial, they showed a somewhat typical shot of cheerleaders, but what made the above video inappropriate is that they slowed it down to a point where it was really tasteless.

Let me first say that the speed of the video has been doctored. But it was not changed by me, or any teenage boy. Instead it was put in slow-motion by some Fox Sports producer or editor. I wonder if they will still think that was a good idea.

I wonder if this decision will draw any attention and if that attention will just be comical and lighthearted or critical of the TV network who always seems to push the bounds of appropriateness and good taste.

Showing cheerleaders' breasts flapping up and down is somewhat par for the course for an NFL game, but showing it in slow-motion really is tasteless because it objectifies women even more than they already are, and also leaves very little to the imagination.

Congratulations Fox Sports. You continue to push the bounds of appropriateness, and leaves me thinking that it is being run by teenage boys.