Wow, Are You Freaking Kidding Me? Utah Stems the Tide

Anthony MariettiContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

Looking at Utah's bowl match up I thought the most I could hope for was a good game, and maybe a close victory by some fluke chance. Instead I got a 21-0 Utah lead in the first quarter. It was like asking for a Hyundai for Christmas and waking up to a Ferrari.

Up until this point in time Alabama had only allowed 27 points total in the first quarter. They nearly matched that total in the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl. John Parker Wilson was severely missing the presence of Andre Smith when he was sacked for the eighth time on the night.

Utah snuffed out the Bama run game, holding Glen Coffee to 36 yards rushing and Mark Ingram to 26 yards.

Utah came out with the edge and put Alabama on their heels early, but the Tide responded scoring 17 unanswered points, but Utah responded with a touchdown of their own and never looked back until 13-0.

One of the biggest statistics in this game is offensive touchdowns. Alabama had a single offensive touchdown with the other coming from a Javier Arenas 73-yard punt return. Utah on the other hand had four offensive touchdowns.

The only thing I loved more than the first quarter of this game was the halftime report. Watching Barry Switzer have his own words replayed back so he could eat them on national television was priceless.

I don't think Bama was overrated, they are a dang good team. My Utes were just underrated.

Thanks so much Utes for another undefeated season!