Fiesta Bowl 2012: How Can OSU Get a Share of the National Championship?

Dr. SECAnalyst IIDecember 31, 2011

STILLWATER, OK - DECEMBER 03:  Brandon Weeden #3 of the Oklahoma State Cowboys runs the offense during play against the Oklahoma Sooners at Boone Pickens Stadium on December 3, 2011 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oklahoma State handled their business each game this season but one. However, tragedy had rocked their entire football programs just hours before they took the field. Despite their loss, the Cowboys boasted the second best resume in college football. 

Despite their impressive resume and understandable blip, the current system put Alabama in the championship game despite not winning their conference, already being defeated by LSU, and only defeating three teams with a winning record. 

Because of this, LSU is likely to win a share of the national championship, even if they lose. 

With that said, there is an outside shot that voters could revolt against the current system and vote Oklahoma State No. 1 if the cards fell the right way.

So what would need to happen for this to happen? Well first and foremost, Oklahoma State must win. Without a win the discussion is irrelevant. However, a close win will not be enough. They must completely dominate Stanford and Andrew Luck.

We’re not talking about a touchdown win. We’re talking the kind of massacre they preformed on Oklahoma. Anything short of that will put them in second place at best. 

The second thing that must happen, and even more unlikely to happen, is LSU would need to lose. The Tigers have the most impressive resume in college football and second place is not even close. LSU has already defeated three teams playing in BCS bowls this season. 

Would a close defeat be enough? Probably not. A close lost will likely lead AP voters to give the nod to LSU over Alabama and the Cowboys. 

Alabama would need to dominate LSU to the point that AP voters will not vote for LSU coming off that type of game. This might lead voters to decide between Oklahoma State and Alabama. In which case, a push could be made to rebel against the system. 

Remember, the AP poll is no longer a part of the system, as it is not calculated in the BCS formula.  As a result, a rebellion by the voters is more likely. 

This would not be the first time the AP has voted a team national champions that did not play in the BCS championship game. The USC Trojans were voted No.1 in 2003 despite LSU winning the BCS championship game. 

It was the voters way of speaking out against Oklahoma making it into the BCS championship game despite being dismantled in their conference championship game. 

Could lightning strike twice? It is unlikely. However, the Cowboys need to defeat the Cardinals by as many points as possible. This way it becomes an option at least. Once that happens, who knows what goes through these voters minds.