UFC 141 Results: Jon Jones May Have Met His Match in Alexander Gustafsson

Michael MillSenior Analyst IIIDecember 31, 2011

With the recent domination by Jon Jones in the light heavyweight division, there are many who have begun to question whether or not there is a worthy competitor for the championship.

During last night's UFC 141 event, we may have seen a fighter who could get a shot some time in the near future.

Alexander Gustafsson recorded a first round TKO over Vladimir Matyushenko improving his all-time record to 13-1.

The 24-year-old out of Sweden has gained much recognition over the year. Many have even compared him to champion Jon Jones.

Like Jones, Gustafsson posses similar length, power and speed.

Many have attributed Jones' success to his physical superiority over his opponents. He is able to keep them at a distance with his long reach and punish them when they try to close the distance.

Gustafsson uses similar tactics to capitalize on his opponents.

The young fighter isn't ready to take on Jones yet, but he could surely give him a run when he is.

ESPN currently ranks Gustafsson as the No. 8 light heavyweight in the world.

If he can win two or three more fights against opponents ranked above him, that may be all he needs to get a title shot.

It may be in his interest to wait longer and develop further as a fighter, but there is no way that anybody can blame him if he takes the shot.

The matchup would be something new to Jones, but at the same time it would be different for Gustafsson as well.

Neither would be able to rely on their physical stature as an advantage.

If things continue the way they have gone, this could be one of the bigger fights that the UFC has to give in 2012.