WWE SmackDown: Drew McIntyre Is Highlighted, but Why?

Justin WatrySenior WriterDecember 31, 2011

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I enjoyed WWE SmackDown last night. It set up next week's huge wee of WWE fine, yet also had a nice two hour show itself.

Wade Barrett and Randy Orton continued their rivalry. Hunico was shown some attention. Even Daniel Bryan and Big Show teased some tension towards one another.

However, the biggest surprise had to be Drew McIntyre showing up. He and Teddy Long have a long history with one another, so this was "out of the blue." On top of that, isn't he a Raw Superstar? Whatever. Don't care.

That leads to the question of "Why?"

Why did Drew just pop up on the Blue Brand all of a sudden? What is he doing there?

He seemed to be playing a little bit more of a "face," which I like. His heel run really never took off, and it may be time for him to change things up a little bit. On top of that, Ezekial Jackson cheated to beat him. Yes, the heel actually lost unfairly last night.

Drew has a legitimate case to complain. The ref missed the call, and Teddy Long was in the wrong to question Mr. McIntyre. The plot thickens!

Where is all of this headed, exactly?

Honestly, I do not know. I doubt Teddy Long will actually fire him. That story line was played out a long time ago, and if it was going to happen, he would have just done it right away.

That leads me to believe there may actually be a "face turn" in store for Drew. It may not happen overnight, but I think it may be coming. Big Zeke using the tights to win may also be a hint of him turning heel, but that is another topic for another day.

Heels should act bad. Faces should act good. It is that simple folks!

On SmackDown, Drew seemed to be the good guy. Will that continue? I hope so! As long as I hear his epic entrance music each week, I will be interested...

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