Mike Leach Coaches Like He Is Playing Video Games

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2009

Mike Leach understands how to score better than any coach in the country, he needs to be commended for taking a mediocre program and make it relevant in its conference and this year nationally, but apparently, he never attended coaching 101.

In the last two games he has went for it on fourth down, in his own territory, on both occasions they were behind but still in the game and on both occasions it was the end of them remaining in the game.

I admire risk takers, I am not a fan of Les Miles but when he went for it on fourth down time and again to beat Florida last year even I tipped my hat to him.  But most of those were late in the game in his opponents territory with inches to go.  Not in his own with around half of the game left with yards to go.

Even people who have never coached a game outside of Madden know that you can win the close games by sticking to the fundamentals, especially against a risk taker.  I think Leach owes more to the fans that root for the team, the university that employs him, and the players that believe in him. 

Leach is different both as a person and a coach and that is what makes him great, but the combined history of football overwhelmingly tells you what you should do in certain situations and Leach needs to go back to coaching basics.

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