The Dodgers And Andruw Jones Finally Done

Miguel SalcidoContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

Bill Shaikin of the LA Times confirmed that the Dodgers and Andruw Jones have agreed to restructure his contract in order to facilitate a trade. Apparently the Dodgers have agreed to either trade or release Jones for a deferment of the $22 million owed to him. The deal would cut $12 million from the 2009 budget and defer $5 million to next season.

It is noted that these negotiations pre-dated the latest Ramirez talks and that any deal with Ramirez would be independent of this one.

If the Dodgers cannot trade Jones, even at this discounted rate then Jones can ask for his release before spring training. If the Dodgers would have to release Jones outright then they would have to pay everything owed to him minus the league minimum of $400,000.

Now that is highly unlikely. So I would expect to hear news of a Jones trade coming VERY soon.

I have to mention that the Dodgers have not yet confirmed this story so the exact details are not yet known.