WWE: Will Christian Pursue Daniel Bryan After Returning to WWE SmackDown?

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistDecember 31, 2011

Christian and Daniel Bryan (Courtesy of WWE.com)
Christian and Daniel Bryan (Courtesy of WWE.com)

Since losing his World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton at SummerSlam in August, Christian has continuously claimed that he deserves "one more match" for the golden prize. Despite coming up short in regaining the belt on following editions of SmackDown, Christian's campaign is still going strong.

However, Christian unfortunately suffered an ankle injury in late November that will keep him sidelined from in-ring action until February at the very least. Although Captain Charisma is greatly missed by many peeps in the WWE Universe, he was primarily utilized as an enhancement talent in his on-going feud against Sheamus before his departure.

In his absence, we witnessed Daniel Bryan successfully cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Even though Bryan has an upcoming title defense against Big Show on next week's edition SmackDown, I fully expect to be the one to walk into WrestleMania 28 with the strap still around his waist.

As of right now, I've heard very minimal buzz regarding the expected World Championship at WrestleMania, while other bouts such as The Rock vs. John Cena, Triple H vs. Undertaker, and the anticipated CM Punk vs. Jericho being the center of attention.

Personally, I'm predicting that Wade Barrett will be the one to emerge victorious in this year's Royal Rumble match, challenging Bryan for the World Title at Mania. Somehow or another, Randy Orton will be entered in the bout as well upon his return from injury, thus making it a Triple Threat Match for the strap.

Of course, plans are always subject to change, especially when it comes to the booking of WWE. Regardless, what if it's neither of those Superstars gunning for the American Dragon's belt at WrestleMania 28, whereas it's the returning Christian instead?

Shortly after this year's SummerSlam event, Christian competed Daniel Bryan for the first time ever, where we saw Christian soundly defeat Bryan cleanly with a picture-perfect Killswitch. Realizing that bout was particularly brief, the WWE Universe has been anxious for a rematch ever since.

With rivalries with Randy Orton and Sheamus already beaten to death by this point, who else is there for Christian to feud with when he eventually makes his comeback to Friday nights? Sure, avenging Big Show or the Celtic Warrior for the injuries they caused him would be logical, but how would that make for exciting television?

Daniel Bryan is only credible face left on the blue brand who can provide Christian with his first intriguing storyline since this past summer. A rivalry between the two could not only be extremely solid as far as promos go, but absolutely golden when it comes to their eventual showdown in the square circle.

Some may argue that Christian's second reign as World Heavyweight Champion would indeed be his last, but if they aren't going to turn him face much to the liking of the IWC, they might as well reinstate the edge he once had during his run with the gold. Bryan is slowly getting over with the crowd, and a strong heel such as the former ECW Champion could do wonders for both in-ring technicians.

Unlike the anonymous Raw General Manager or R-Truth's conspiracy theory, Christian's "one more match" campaign is an angle I'm highly anticipating a pay-off for. The Canadian native has made numerous appearances since his injury, going on to state that we'd witness an edgier Christian upon his return in his hunt for the World Championship.

Thanks for reading, Bleachers, and make sure to drop a comment with your thoughts regarding a potential match between Christian and Daniel Bryan in the near future. As always, your criticism and overall feedback is greatly appreciated, and be sure to have a happy new year.

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