The NHL's 10 Worst Shootout Artists and the Worst Shootout Attempts

Jason SapunkaCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2012

The NHL's 10 Worst Shootout Artists and the Worst Shootout Attempts

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    Bad NHL shootout attempts are rare occurrences; hockey's greatest shooters train endlessly to be effective scorers at all times, including one-on-one breakaways.

    The history of the shootout in hockey is highlighted by some incredible events.

    Peter Forsberg's attempt in the 1994 Olympics was an impressive move. Recently, Sidney Crosby highlighted the inaugural Winter Classic with a game-winning shootout goal.

    Still, these incredible successes are paired with equally as unbelievable failures.

Honorable Mention: Raffi Torres

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    Raffi Torres has actually done well in his career with four goals on 11 shootout attempts, but this awful go is worth a look.

10. Martin St. Louis

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    Martin St. Louis is a speedy sniper who has notched more than 700 points in his NHL career.

    However, on 30 shootout attempts, St. Louis has scored just six goals.

    In this video, St. Louis takes shootout attempts at practice, removing a piece of equipment when he fails to score...he loses his skates within minutes.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Ladd

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    Sometimes things go wrong right from the start.

    That's what happened to Andrew Ladd here, with the puck going towards the corner when Ladd started moving towards the net.

    Ladd is otherwise effective, with four goals on 10 shootout attempts.

9. Daniel Sedin

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    Daniel Sedin's fancy move on Marty Turco works in this video, but it is one of a mere four career shootout goals on 21 career attempts.

Honorable Mention: Henrik Sedin

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    At least Daniel has scored a goal in the shootout; this failed opportunity is one of three unsuccessful shootout tries in Henrik Sedin's career.

8. Martin Havlat

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    Martin Havlat's fake might have worked better if he kept the puck after.

    Havlat's miss here is one of 17 in his career. He has just four goals.

Honorable Mention: Todd Marchant

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    Like Havlat, Todd Marchant simply lost it while puckhandling.

    The ensuing unenthusiastic backhander shows just how disappointing this shootout went for Marchant.

6. (Tie) Tim Connolly and Steven Stamkos

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    Both Tim Connolly and Steven Stamkos have four shootout goals on 23 attempts.

    Stamkos' penalty shot here should show why he has difficulty coming through in the shootout.

Honorable Mention: Lee Stempniak

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    Lee Stempniak really got a hold of this one.

5. Dany Heatley

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    Dany Heatley has taken 29 shootout attempts to put a lousy five goals past opposing goalies.

    This video shows one of those rare moments of glory for a player that fails to come through roughly 83 percent of the time.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Kane

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    When getting stopped on the shootout is not demoralizing enough, Patrick Kane decides to nonchalantly lose it and fall into the boards.

4. Rotislav Olesz

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    Watch this video and you will see one-third of Rotislav Olesz's career shootout goals.

    The 26-year-old is 3-of-18, totalling 16.7 percent.

Honorable Mention: Anton Stralman

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    Anton Stralman crashed the net very effectively here, but he missed the part of instructions that says he was supposed to try scoring a goal instead.

3. Tomas Plekanec

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    Had Jhonas Enroth not gone for the poke check, Tomas Plekanec might have two career shootout goals.

    The Buffalo goaltender nearly stopped Plekanec anyways, but was unable to keep his pad forward.

    Plekanec's three career shootout goals come on 20 total attempts; just a 15 percent success rate.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Eaves

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    Patrick Eaves has not scored on four career shootout attempts.

    This is a very surprising statistic, considering his patented bodycheck the ice deke.

1. (Tie) Marian Gaborik and Jeff Carter

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    Marian Gaborik and Jeff Carter have a combined nine seasons with 30 or more goals.

    They both share a 3-of-21 shootout record. That 14.3 percent rate of success is the worst among all active NHL players with 15 or more attempts.

    Carter scores most of his goals with a hard wrist shot; deking is not his specialty. He will usually use the basic forehand-to-backhand maneuver seen in this video.

Honorable Mention: Dennis Wideman

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    Dennis Wideman may have faked himself out with the initial leg kick.

    The end result of this shootout attempt was probably different from what he originally had in mind.