UFC 141 Results: Where Did Brock Lesnar Go Wrong?

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IDecember 31, 2011

(Ric Fogel for ESPN.com)
(Ric Fogel for ESPN.com)

Brock Lesnar had the right idea, but he just was not able to bring it together against Alistair Overeem.

He came in looking healthy and running around the Octagon like the same Lesnar that handled a rematch with Frank Mir and came back in the second round of a grueling bout with Shane Carwin with a bit of ease, despite getting almost finished in the first round of the latter bout with Carwin.

However, when the first round began and he caught the leg of Overeem but saw Overeem shrug it off, that's really where it all went wrong for Lesnar.

Overeem not only landed serious punches on Lesnar, against whom he was supposed to be deeply exposed as another UFC hype machine via Strikeforce that proved all for naught when it counted, but he also did the very thing that earned him his recent reputation of being one of the most decorated strikers in MMA by putting his man against the cage before attacking the body with his brutal knees and a liver kick a la Bas Rutten.

Lesnar was visibly hurt every time Overeem connected with his onslaught and had no real answer to the offense with which Overeem was coming forward and attacking him with. And it's from that offense that we came to realize that Lesnar was wrecked when he finally realized that Overeem was just going to shake him off repeatedly until Lesnar basically was stuck with no other option but to stand with him.

Mentally, Lesnar was knocked out before Overeem ever mounted any pressure on him, and because of that, Overeem proved his legitimacy against arguably one of the most polarizing and most must-see Heavyweights. By physically dismembering Lesnar, Overeem forced him to call it a career with only five wins and three losses.

He left the promise of a victory empty, but in defeat he did fulfill a promise to his wife and kids, opting to not pursue further in this sport and risk the remaining years of his life. It's for this reason that we applaud what he did accomplish in the sport as we say farewell to a real man's man.

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Lesnar, and congratulations to "The Demolition Man" for arguably the best possible performance of his entire Heavyweight run in Mixed Martial Arts.