Steroids and MLB: It's Time To Move Forward

Eric DormanAnalyst IFebruary 18, 2008

Andy Pettitte

It's time to move forward. Everywhere you go you hear about all the steroid allegations that is happening in baseball.

With Andy Pettitte having his press conference on Monday, everyone has their own opinion about why he did it, but at least he was honest and said he took human growth hormones (HGH), when Rodger Clemens is denying he never used steroids.

Now I am not calling Rodger a cheater, all I am saying is that if he did do it or if McNamee is lying. One of them should tell the truth so we can get on with Spring Training and look forward to the 2008 season.

It is just a shame that baseball and other sports have come to this, but we should move on from the past and worry about what we are going to do in the future to try and eliminate this growing problem.

Baseball is America's past time and now it is being given a bad reputation and we need to get back to the way it was before all of this happened.

But let’s get real, steroids will always be around and some players will always try to gain an advantage by taking them.

I do respect Pettitte about being honest and telling the truth about taking HGH. 

Sorry, but baseball owes its fans an explanation or an apology. I personally think we need to forget about the past and move ahead, but that’s just my opinion.