ESPN SkyCam Fall at Insight Bowl May Lead to Much Larger Problems in Sports

Larry LawsonContributor IDecember 31, 2011

With 2:22 remaining in the Insight Bowl on Friday night, an overhead ESPN camera fell to the field, entangling Iowa wide receiver Marvin McNutt.

The incident looked scary and was very similar to the the same problem that occurred in the NFL game between the Saints and Seahawks in 2007. Then it delayed the game for about 15 minutes, but it begs us to ask the question:

What will it take for all of sports to focus more on the the safety of players than the desire to change the way we see the game?

I, for one, look at Texas Stadium to see the possibility of the worst-case scenario.

What if that horrendous 544-ton monstrosity were to fall? Even worse, during a live game?

It would mean the worst catastrophic event in NFL history.

I know that the ESPN SkyCam incident was small, but it may be the start of some huge problems.

The first is that it is a safety issue. We saw what it almost did to McNutt. It came within inches of hitting him. It could have easily hit a player on the head.

The second problem is that it slows the game down. It took about 10 minutes for those responsible for the SkyCam to clean up the mess.

Third is that it isn't that necessary. There are many great angles from land cameras that we just don't need them.

I hope that this problem does not get swept under the rug, because if they do not fix their issues then there will be dire consequences someday.