UFC 141 Results: Brock Lesnar Retires After TKO Loss to Alistair Overeem

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2011

If you were able to catch UFC 141 Friday evening, you were one of the lucky ones to witness the last time Brock Lesnar will compete in MMA.

In his fight against Alistair Overeem, Lesnar was hurt early and often in the fight by knees and kicks to his body. Lesnar attempted a couple of half-hearted strikes and takedown attempts, but Overeem was able to shrug off any of Lesnar's attempts at offense.

Following his loss, Lesner spoke with Joe Rogan in a televised interview. That's when Lesnar dropped a bombshell on the MMA world when he stated that he will no longer be competing in the sport.

During the interview with Rogan, Lesnar stated that he promised his wife and children that if he won, he would fight current UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos before he retired. However, he also said that if he lost to Overeem, he would walk away from MMA.

The latter happened, so it appears we will never see Lesnar inside the Octagon again.

If this is indeed Lesnar's last MMA bout, He will be leaving the sport with an overall record of 5-3, going 4-3 in the UFC. He will also walk away as a former UFC heavyweight champion, as he won the belt in only his fourth professional bout.

With Lesnar walking away from the UFC, the promotion will be losing their biggest pay-per-view draw. Every card he has headlined, with the exception of Friday's event, has drawn over an estimated one million buys.

If Lesnar's bout against Overeem is indeed his last, at least he can walk out with his head held high. Not many people can say they were a world champion at anything, much less the most competitive sport in the world.