UFC 141 Results: Diego Nunes Uses Leg Kicks to Move Closer to Title Dream

Michael MillSenior Analyst IIIDecember 30, 2011

There aren't many fighters in the Featherweight division that are getting much attention due to the recent domination by Jose Aldo in the weight class.

During the Facebook Preliminary fights to tonight's UFC 141 event, his teammate Diego Nunes got one step closer to a shot at the title.

Nunes (17-2) defeated Manvel Gamburyan (11-7) by utilizing his leg kicks and taking a different approach to the fight.

Nunes did his best to keep a distance between him and Gamburyan.

Gamburyan is one of the most powerful punches in the weight class, so Nunes was content on keeping his distance and striking with leg kicks to slow Manny down.

Although Gamburyan was able to land a few powerful shots, it wasn't enough to sway the judges away from a unanimous decision in favor of Nunes.

The win was essential for Nunes, who needed a convincing win after losing to Kenny Florian back in June.

At the time, Nunes was just one or two wins away from getting a title shot against Aldo.

After tonight's victory, his name will be back atop the discussions for fighters that could get a shot against Aldo.

He may have to face one or two more opponents before he gets the shot, but Nunes is on his way and back on track to reach his goal.

Although he now has a 17-2 all-time record, the Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter has never held a title in any division he's fought in.

He has high hopes that he can get a shot at that belt within the next year against Aldo.