UFC 141 Results: Final Predictions for Fight Night Bonuses

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2011

UFC 141 is underway and every fighter on the card is looking to close out 2011 with one last impressive performance and, maybe, take home some extra money.

As per usual, the UFC will be offering up bonuses for knockout, submission and fight of the night, and—with so many great fights on the card tonight—it's difficult to say who will bring what bonus home.

Fight of the Night

Despite there being so many great fights on the card, few people would dispute that Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone is the frontrunner for Fight of the Night.

Both men are known as exciting fighters who are always working for the finish and, on top of that, there is some bad blood between them.

Things got heated when the two men met at a press conference two days ago and, although things didn't turn to blows, the situation became heated when Cerrone taunted Diaz and Diaz knocked Cerrone's hat off his head.

These two match up well stylistically, they both fight at a fast pace and they don't like each other—it has all the ingredients for an incredible fight.

Assuming it doesn't end too quickly, this bout is most likely to take Fight of the Night honors.

Knockout of the Night

For my money, the Knockout of the Night will go to either Brock Lesnar or Alistair Overeem.

Not everyone agrees on who will win this fight, but everyone seems to agree that the match will not go to a decision.

If the fight stays standing, Overeem should be able to easily achieve a knockout victory, given that his striking technique far surpasses Lesnar's.

If the fight goes to the ground, Lesnar has barbaric ground-and-pound and can finish fights quickly.

Because of the importance of this fight, as well as the high probability of it ending by TKO, it is definitely the most likely candidate for Knockout of the Night.

Submission of the Night

If there's one fighter on the card it's safe to bet on pulling out the submission victory, it's Jimmy Hettes.

Hettes' opponent, Nam Phan, has never been submitted, but Hettes has never met an opponent he could not submit.

Since making his MMA debut in 2009, Hettes has put together a 9-0 record, winning every fight by submission.

Hettes also has a background in judo, which means he'll have a good chance of taking the fight to the mat.

Phan will look to keep this fight standing and use his boxing skills, but Hettes will bring it to the ground eventually and walk away from UFC 141 with a submission victory and a big bonus.

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