Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Never Win a Super Bowl With Jerry Jones' Meddling

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IDecember 30, 2011

This is what Jason Voorhees looks like with his mask off...
This is what Jason Voorhees looks like with his mask off...Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Back in 2010 Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones let Wade Phillips go and Jason Garrett took over as the interim head coach.

The Cowboys closed out 2010 with a 5-3 record and 2011 was slated to be one exciting season. Well, unfortunately one man saw the inconsistency coming.

In an article from November of 2010 by David Whitley of AOL News, Whitley says that Jones should fire himself:

"The Cowboys could have hired Jason Kidd or Jason Alexander or Jason Voorhees of "Friday the 13th" fame. As long as Jerry Jones is in charge, Dallas is destined to be a recurring horror show."

Whitley continued about Jones' influence in the locker-room:

"Smart ones don't try to be general managers. They don't hire only coaches who double as bobble-head dolls. Players know a ventriloquist dummy when they see one. When Jones' coaches speak, nobody listens."

Quite honestly, it would be impossible for Whitley to be more correct about this situation.

Ever wonder why Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells only lasted so long? Dallas without question could have won a Super Bowl under Parcells if Jones' ego didn't get in the way.

Luckily for Johnson, the players, the fans and the fact that it was the early 1990s meant that Jones' ego hadn't hit an unfathomable level.

Being a young owner in 1989, Jones had no choice but to worry about the business side of football.

He had to build the Cowboys a new brand while Jimmy Johnson controlled the locker room. Thankfully they had so much talent that once Jones started butting in, Dallas snuck in another ring with Barry Switzer before things started to really take a nosedive.

Since then, Jerry Jones has not kept his face out of the game. The Cowboys being just 1-6 in their last seven playoff games can be much attributed to this. Once again the Cowboys have all kinds of talent but nothing to show for it.

Obviously a win in Week 17 over the Giants would be nice, but the Cowboys aren't getting past the NFC Divisional round for quite a while. As long as Jones remains, Dallas has no shot at beating Green Bay or New Orleans to win the NFC, let alone a Super Bowl.

Remember all those years when Dallas was winning and the neither the 49ers or Packers could best them when it mattered?

How much during those seasons in the 1990s did Jerry Jones have an impact on the team? Virtually none. Getting back to Whitley's article, Whitley wishes Jones would just make one more managerial move:

"Why, oh why, couldn't he have named himself the Cowboys' coach? That's the only way he'll ever realize what a dope the Cowboys' owner is. "

Frankly, this would not be surprising if Jason Garrett is let go sooner rather than later because no one will want to coach under Mr. Jones.


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