WWE: Where Does the Undertaker Fit in with This Year's WrestleMania?

David RutterCorrespondent IIIDecember 30, 2011

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15. The Undertaker enters the arena during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

The road to WrestleMania is just around the corner and that means we should be in store for four months of great action and storytelling since this is usually the period where creative gives us their A game.

One of the things that most fans (including myself) are probably wondering is “what’s up with The Undertaker?” Obviously I’m not employed by Vinnie-Mac or a well connected journalist so the only thing I can go off of is here say and wishful thinking but I do believe Undertaker will attempt at least one more run before disappearing into the darkness for good.

Now as most of you may have seen, the night right after TLC, Triple H came out to the ring and talked about his match with Big Daddy Cool, but while he was talking about how dominate of a force he is, he happened to bring up the Phenom name in which I would only assume is a prelude to a possible third outing between the two at this coming WrestleMania.

However what if this doesn’t end up coming to fruition? What if HHH finds himself in a middle of a great feud with someone else? What if The Game gets injured or something else prevents this possibly epic match from taking place? Who could step up and try and do what no other man has ever done before? There are quite a few different superstars who I believe would jump at the chance to be “the one.”

Let’s take a look at some of the possible candidates in the event that Taker/HHH No. 3 doesn’t happen.


1) Wade Barrett

This man was thought to be the challenger last year since him and his boys helped bury Undertaker at Bragging Rights 2009, however once Undertaker returned this past February it was never mentioned again…..why creative…why! With Randy Orton down and out for at least a month, Barrett will need a new goal to attain so why not go after the streak?


2) Sheamus

I’d really like to see this match happen; maybe not at WrestleMania but any other time I think it would be an awesome showdown with two of the company’s biggest men. Sheamus has taken out at one time or another Cena, Orton, Edge, Christian, Henry so why not go after another legend?


3) Cody Rhodes

Out of all the up and coming wrestlers on the roster I think Cody Rhodes would benefit from colliding with the dead man. Rhodes has improved tremendously over the last 12 months and with his new b-polar schizophrenic type gimmick he has now…image the promos between the two. Personally I’d love to see Undertaker’s reaction if Rhodes put a bag on his head.


4) Mick Foley

The Attitude fan inside of me wants this match, but even if it were to happen, I don’t think it would be as good as most would like and that’s not because of both men’s physical limitations it would be because of the PG standards, neither men are nearly as technically sound as they once were and for this match to work (with Foley involved) there would need to be hardcore actions and not just going through the Spanish announcers table but thumbtacks and barb wire.


5) Stone Cold Steve Austin

As awesome as this match could be, I think Austin should only come back for a match with CM Punk.


6) Kane

Kane is involved in one of the hottest feuds right now with John Cena, but that has to come to an end eventually since Cena will face Rock at Mania. Kane’s back with a mask and just like Undertaker; Kane is nearing the end of his career.

I don’t see anything wrong with Kane vs. Undertaker one more time at WrestleMania, I think that because of the history with these two that it would be a fitting end to the phenomenal love/hate relationship that these two brothers have had over the last 14 years. If this up and coming WrestleMania is in fact Mark Calaway’s final and Vince doesn’t believe any new guy deserves to break the streak, then I think he should face off with the one person who he has more history with than any other performer.


Now the interesting question will be is Undertaker coming back as the supernatural Undertaker that parts of two generations have loved or with pictures having surfaced earlier this year of a bald Undertaker will he come back as the brawling American Bad Ass/Big Evil Undertaker?

In the event that Undertaker and Triple H don’t face off whom do you think he will face?

What gimmick do you think Undertaker will utilize?