World Football: Top 10 Teams of 2011

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World Football: Top 10 Teams of 2011
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As the year winds down and we bid farewell to 2011, there comes a need in people’s lives to recap the year that was. From ESPN to ABC (and presumably BBC for our friends across the pond), media outlets are doing their  countdown lists that look at moments that were gained and people who were lost.

It has become as much of a tradition as dropping the ball in Times Square.

Here on B/R we have compiled many best of 2011 lists. Some analytical (World Football 2011 Tactical Review), some newsy (25 Biggest Football News Stories of 2011) and some funny (World Football: 50 Most Ludicrous Moments of 2011).

The thing about these three lists, the other 20 or so that have been published here and the 1000’s that exist out in the world ranging everything from weddings to toasters, is they are all very subjective and really don’t account for much more than a way of organizing something into a package that people will want to see who is ‘#1’ on the list.

I want to try and avoid that kind of self indulgence here. I want to actually construct a list based on some sort of merits that speak beyond the stats and trophies and more to the heart of the sport and sports itself.

So if you want a nice simple top ten list to debate endlessly about who belongs where with no real parameters of guidance beyond your own opinion here you go:

1)      Barca

2)      Madrid

3)      United

4)      Chelsea

5)      AC Milan

6)      Schalke 04

7)      Lille

8)      Porto

9)      Dortmund

10)   Bayern

So have at the vultures of fame.

But if you are more inclined to see a list that is  a little different and takes much more into account than fan fare, popularity and hype, then please read on this. This slideshow looks at performance in light of the situation. If a team achieved beyond its means and how much of an impact that achievement had on the club and the fan base.

As always debate is highly encouraged through comments and I am sure there will be plenty of disagreements. But please keep it civil, nothing gets solved through arrogance and loud mouthing one another.


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