WWE: 8 Fantasy Tag Teams/Stables

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2012

WWE: 8 Fantasy Tag Teams/Stables

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    Years ago, being tag team champions meant something.

    The tag team divisions were full of logical and well-rounded teams. Guys like the Hardy Boys, the Road Warriors, Demolition and E&C took the WWE by store and put on great matches each and every night. A few of the men even went on to be world champions. Some of the greatest matches in history were tag team matches. However, much has changed and recently, the tag team division has become a joke.

    WWE understands this and are rebuilding, with teams like Air Boom, the Usos and Epico & Primo, but it isn't nearly enough yet. WWE has a long road ahead of them, but they have finally realized it is time they start making tag team wrestling relevant again. 

    Stables also used to be a big part of WWE wrestling. Groups like the NWO, the Four Horsemen, and Evolution, really changed the face of WWE while they were around. The leader of each stable usually gets to the main event while the other men receive some spotlight. Stables are a great opportunity for young studs to prove they belong in WWE and are the future. Here are some tag teams and stables that I think could really help out WWE during the rebuilding process. 

Ted Dibiase/Jinder Mahal

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    Right now, these two are heated rivals. For a lower mid-card feud, it isn't bad and both men are working well. However, it isn't a ppv type feud and will blow off soon. With now real way to end it, it is a perfect way to form a tag team. Ted Dibiase was once a heel who only cared about money, which is Jinder Mahal's gimmick right now. It doesn't seem like Mahal could turn face, so Dibiase could go back to being a heel. 

    These two would work well as a team, both being cocky, arrogant, rich kids. They could actually get a push and possibly even challenge Air Boom for the titles. These two can't fix the tag team divison alone, but they could definitely be part of the solution. 

Cody Rhodes/Wade Barrett

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    Both these guys are up and coming stars. They have proved themselves both on the mic and in the ring. They can put on great matches, and are the future of WWE. Cody and Wade are both heel on the rise, so the buildup would be simple. A simple backstage conversation between the two could be all that's needed for these two to join up. They would certainly be a step up from the tag teams we have now.

    At this year's Survivor Series, Barrett and Rhodes were the lone survives for team Barrett, as they beat team Orton to further their push up the ranks in WWE. They could use that as a reason the team up and even attack Orton together once he returns. It would be good for both men, as Barrett doesn't have anything to do right now, and Rhodes won't be fighting Booker T forever. These two can certainly push the tag team division to a place it hasn't been in years.

Evolution/United Kingdom Stable

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    As I said earlier, one thing WWE lacks is a powerful stable. Stables are huge pieces and great for lengthy story lines and pushing young superstars. One group of guys that seem a perfect fit for a stable would be the United Kingdom wrestlers (Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Will Regal, Wade Barrett, and Drew McIntyre) Each wrestler would fit perfectly into the group and be able to prove themselves under the spotlight.

    This stables mainly stemmed from this year's Road to WrestleMania in THQ's WWE 12. It was a great idea and I loved the storyline. The group seemingly could be a lot like Evolution. With a mix of veterans (Will Regal as Ric Flair), top studs (Sheamus or Barrett as triple H), and young guns (Mason Ryan as Batista and Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton), the stable would be a perfect fit. They could even start a rivalry with Triple H or Randy Orton, claiming that they are the best stable ever or the real Evolution. Stables could also be a perfect way to create tag teams. Two men, such a Drew McIntyre and Mason Ryan, could easily make a run at the the tag team titles. WWE really has a great opportunity with a United Kingdom stable, and needs to make their move before it is too late.

Big Show/Mark Henry

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    As of now, these two guys hate each other. They have had numerous bouts against each other and it looks like they may have more to come. Although Mark is injured right now, he could certainly come back and still make an impact. Big Show has recently lost his title to Daniel Bryan, with the shortest reign in WWE history. It is the perfect time for a Big Show heel turn and WWE seems to agree, as they have been talking about it for a while now. Big Show's monstrous size is great as a heel and I'm not a fan of his "Big Friendly Giant" persona.

    If Big Show does in fact turn heel, WWE could team him up with Henry and make a great tag team. They could start by attacking Daniel Bryan, but eventually move on to real tag teams and the tag team championship. These two would certainly add some size to the tag team division. Naming them would be simple as "The World's Largest Tag Team" would fit perfectly. 

Mason Ryan/Ezekiel Jackson

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    David Otunga (Manager)/Christian

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      These two wouldn't really a tag team,but two friends. Before Christian got hurt, his gimmick was a cowardly wrestler who hid behind lawyers to try to get one more match for the word title. Otunga's gimmick is a cocky lawyer. David could act as a manager for Christian and really help Christian to get back in the world title hunt.

      These two could certainly work as a tag team though. Christian is a veteran and could help Otunga grow into a future star. The only issue is, while Christian is a main eventer, David hasn't received a push that makes him look good in the ring. His last few matches have been squash matches where he barely gets in any offense. If he doesn't receive a push, the two tagging together wouldn't be as logical.  However, Otunga would still be a great manager for Christian and would get some time under the spotlight. Both superstars would benefit from this pairing, and WWE could make some great story lines stemming from these two coming together.

    Santino Marella/Randy Orton

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      The Vipor and the Cobra! What a pairing! These two could p......just kidding. 


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      Since returning to Monday Night Raw, Kane has been on a roll. He is going right after Super Cena, and actually giving the Cenation leader a pretty good beat down. With the mask back on, he is challenging his brother, Undertaker, for the most intimidating wrestler in the business.

      Many think the two will face off at WrestleMania, but I disagree. I am thinking that Taker will put his streak on the line against Triple H. However, with rumors of Shawn Michael being referee, Kane could easily intervene on his brothers behalf. The two are monstrous and are veteran wrestlers. They could even face off against DX during the Road to WrestleMania. Reuniting the Brothers of Destruction would be a great move by WWE and definitely strengthen the tag team division. They shouldn't win the titles, as Taker is now a part-time wrestler, but they could have a short reign right before Wrestle/mania. Maybe Triple H could cost them the titles and reignite the heated rivalry, leading the another match at WrestleMania. These two together is an exciting idea and I hope WWE follows through with this idea. 


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      Back in the day, tag teams were a huge part of the WWE. It excited fans and really added a different concept to wrestling. Now, tag teams are jokes. There is no pride and importance left in being tag team champions. The lack of tag teams is a huge issue that WWE is seemingly trying to fix.

      I understand that all the teams I have talked about can't be created. However, if WWE uses a few of these ideas, they will certainly make some strides toward reforming. As I said earlier, it is a long road ahead for WWE, but they are trying to start the rebuilding process. My ideas are just a few of the possibilities that will help them greatly.