IMPACT, Dec. 29: Knockouts Title Match, Angle/RVD, Wild Card Tag Teams

Charlie GSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2011

It's the final IMPACT before the new year.

2011 had its ups and downs for IMPACT. If only someone on Bleacher Report had a year-end award show of some sort...That's right! I do!

If you didn't vote for the 2011 IMPACT Awards, you're five days late and you missed out. I have the full results and they will be posted tomorrow.

Before we get started, how was everyone's Christmas? I got WWE '12 which is an awesome game and I also received some tickets to an IMPACT live tour in January! 

Time to end the year, IMPACT style.

Opening Segment

Now, I missed about one full minute of this segment because a match in WWE '12 went on longer than expected. I turned IMPACT on once the clock hit 9:01, so if I'm wrong, blame WWE '12. Not me.

The two women with all the Knockouts gold, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim come out. Yes, Knockouts started the show. Surprise, surprise.

Madison claims that Karen left her the power over the Knockouts and calls out TNT.

She says that TNT screwed with her last week and she fires them on the spot. The real General Manager, Sting comes and denies Madison's power over the Knockouts.

Sting says TNT is not fired and makes a match for later. Gail Kim must defend her title against Mickie James.

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament

Abyss and Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles and Kazarian

I still like AJ and Kazarian's chances in winning this entire tournament.

It's two of the best X Division wrestlers in TNA history against two of the biggest guys on the current roster. Thanks for the info, Tenay.

After a good back and forth tag match, Abyss finally catches Kazarian with a chokeslam. He knocks AJ off the ring apron and tags in Steiner.

Scott smiles and says that he and Abyss are a team! Abyss spins Steiner around and lays him out with a black hole slam. Abyss places Kazarian on top to get the win.

Winners: Kazarian and AJ Styles

The two former Fortune members are going to the finals in the tournament next week!

Bully Ray comes out and is upset with what Abyss just did. Bully says that Abyss is the bully here. Immortal keeps giving to Abyss, Abyss keeps taking, but never considered rejoining the group.

Bully says they won matches for him and gave him girls. Bully makes fun of Abyss' physical appearance and then asks him what he wants.

Abyss wants Bully Ray. A match between them at Genesis. If the match happens, it has to be in Abyss' favor. A Monsters Ball match! If Abyss loses, he'll rejoin Immortal.

Ain't That a Kick in the Head

Sting and Kurt Angle are backstage talking about how cool it was when Angle beat up all the people in Storm's hometown. Sting liked when Angle lined them up, then kicked them all in the face.

Sting wants to give Angle a warm-up match for Genesis and Angle agrees. 

Kurt's opponent has to know how to kick. Kick really, really hard. Sting says that his opponent for tonight once busted Angle open with a kick to the face.

Angle knows who it is and doesn't want a match anymore. It's RVD.

Best of Three Series Final

Zema Ion vs. Anthony Nese

Contract on a Pole 

The return of the notorious, "Thing on a Pole" match is back for tonight!

Both these guys are tied in the series and whoever pulls down this contract will get in on the X Division title match at Genesis.

X Division Champion, "A Double" Austin Aries joined Tenay and Taz.

Aries says this match is no challenge and he'd win it in seconds.

Nese looks most impressive in this match and gets in a lot of offense. 

Nese climbed the pole, Ion pushed him off of it, Nese crashed to the outside of the ring which allowed for Ion to pull the contract down with no problem.

Winner: Zema Ion

Zema Ion is going to his first, and the first, pay-per-view of 2012.

Good match, not a fan of "Thing on a Pole" matches, though.

Gunner is the Man

Ric Flair is backstage with Gunner.

Gunner points out an ambulance in the parking lot and says they're ready for his next victim tonight.

Flair says that Gunner is the man.

Douglas Williams vs. Gunner w/ Ric Flair

Douglas uses his mat wrestling early on, but Gunner starts to get fired up and takes control of the match.

Gunner tosses Williams to the outside of the ring. The referee tries to prevent Gunner from going after him but Gunner tosses him across the ring.

Flair exposes the concrete and Gunner DDTs Williams on it.

It Pays to be Roode

Is it Roode or rude? It pays to be rude? Oh well...

Bobby Roode says that his old friend is here tonight and wants him to express himself about Roode's recent heel turn.

His friend, Tracy (from the video packages) shows up. Tracy says he doesn't know who Roode has turned into and says he misses his friend. He says Bobby's parents miss their son, his wife misses her husband, his sister misses her brother and his kids miss their dad.

Bobby laughs at all of them. He says he's busy since he is World Champion. According to his Rolex, it's time for him to go.

Tracy pulls Roode back and Bobby beats him down until Jeff Hardy comes for the save.

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament

Eric Young and ODB vs. Magnus and Samoa Joe

Before the match, EY thinks he and ODB are dating.

ODB starts the match with Magnus and the Brit is a little confused.

He walks a circle around ODB and is checking her out. ODB does the same, pats Magnus on the ass then slaps him across the face. 

Eric Young once again carries much of the match for his team, but takes a beating while doing it.

ODB confronts Joe and starts taunting him while EY climbs the top rope. Magnus comes running, grabs ODB, yells for Joe to move and slams ODB face first into the turnbuckle.

EY gets crotched on the rope which opens up a Muscle Buster opportunity.

Winners: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Joe and Magnus vs. AJ and Kazarian on the first IMPACT in 2012 should be good.

Hopefully now, ODB can go back to the Knockouts division.

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

The two veterans work a pretty good back and forth match.

RVD gets in some kicks to Angle's face and, hell, even Angle went for a super kick.

Angle was mocking Storm's Last Call and when he tried it, it looked horrible. Kurt Angle shouldn't try super kicking people...when he's sober. A drunk Angle trying to do so would be hilarious.

Anyway, Angle grabbed RVD in an Ankle Lock and Storm got into the ring. He whistled for Kurt's attention, then damn near kicked his head off!

The match ended in no contest. Three things to take away from this match: Kurt can't kick, Storm can kick and Storm has some of the best t-shirts in TNA.

Main Event

Knockouts Championship

Mickie James vs. Champion, Gail Kim

Knockouts open the show AND main event it?! Is this New Years Knockouts Eve all over again? This will never fly in the big 'E.

Mickie and Gail work a very good match. They go back and forth and proved that they're two of the best Knockouts on the roster.

Gail and Mickie take the fight outside the ring after Mickie hits a big Lou Thesz press off the top rope. Mickie gets in the ring as the ref checks on Gail.

Some hooded/masked person hits the Rayne Drop on Mickie. Gail gets in the ring and gets a pin.

Winner: Still Champion, Gail Kim

I wonder who would help Gail Kim retain the Knockouts title and use the Rayne Drop to do it, too.

Oh look, camera shot gets Madison Rayne under the ring removing her mask. She's wearing some Jeff Hardy face paint and gives Gail a thumbs up as the champ heads up the entrance ramp.

This show (and year) is done-ski as Taz would say.


  • Madison is NOT in charge of the Knockouts. Madison is cool and all but, if she were really in charge, wouldn't it makes sense for her to put the Knockouts title on herself? If she were in control would she wrestle less? Besides, Sting is GM and should have power over everyone. Knockouts and men alike.
  • AJ and Kaz winning. Both are great in-ring talents and can be a great temporary tag team. At least MCMG get back, right?
  • Abyss vs. Bully Ray in a Monsters Ball! I've been dying to see a match between them and I never thought it'd be a Monsters Ball!
  • Anthony Nese continues to impress. I kind of knew Ion would win, but I think Nese should've got the win. He's been much more impressive, in my opinion and it'll make an equal balance in the heel/face ratio in the title match at Genesis.
  • Gunner is becoming someone again. Remember this summer when he beat guys like Sting, Anderson and AJ? A few weeks ago he couldn't even beat Garett Bischoff. Gunner is a future star in IMPACT and it's great to see him being built up as someone credible. Too bad Williams was his victim tonight. Where was Brian Kendrick when you needed him?
  • Bobby Roode did great in his promo. I loved when he bragged about his 3,000 dollar suit, 25,000 championship belt and Rolex watch.
  • Magnus and Joe continue to work well as a team. I wouldn't be upset if they did beat AJ and Kaz. Both guys deserve more TV time and this tournament is their key.
  • Angle vs. RVD. It was pretty good while it lasted and I liked Storm's involvement.
  • Knockouts main event? Yup! Mickie and Gail worked a good match.
  • Wrestling mattered tonight.


  • I wasn't too impressed with Zema Ion tonight. Now the match at Genesis has three heels and one face in it.
  • Douglas Williams should be doing something better than jobbing to Gunner. Mike Tenay mentioned all of his achievements in IMPACT but then he got squashed. Kendrick or Anarquia should've taken this one.
  • EY and ODB. I like both of them, I just don't like ODB in a tag team tournament. If it were for the Knockouts tag titles, I wouldn't mind. Now that her team is out, hopefully she can return to the Knockouts division.
  • Kurt Angle's super kick. Dammit, Kurt. You can't kick that high.
  • Madison's involvement in the main event. Knockouts main eventing is cool. The match was good and I was hoping for a clean finish. 

Overall, I liked this episode of IMPACT.


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