Ranking Alex Rodriguez's Girls

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIDecember 30, 2011

Ranking Alex Rodriguez's Girls

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    Ever since Alex Rodriguez divorced from his wife, he has been trying to catch up to his friend Derek Jeter in regards to the ladies. Lately, he has been interested in blondes.

    A-Rod's newest relationship is reportedly with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. 

    Here, we will see where Torrie Wilson ranks among his former ladies.

8. Madonna

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    This seemed like a fantasy that Alex wanted to live out from when he was younger, because Madonna...come on.

    She is last on this list because she may have been big in the 1980's and is a pop-culture icon, but she is close to 20 years older than him.

    And she looks it.

    There was a rumor that Alex was having an affair with Madonna when he was still married, but Madonna denied the claims, according to the Telegraph, saying they were "just friends."

7. Joslyn Noel Morse

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    Rodriguez reported had a fling with longtime stripper Joslyn Noel Morse.

    Alex Rodriguez and exotic dancer Joslyn Noel Morse spent a night together in May 2007, according to the New York Post. They went to dinner, then a strip club, and ended the night at Rodriguez's hotel.

    She looks like a long-time exotic dancer.

6. Mystery Blonde

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    Shortly after Alex Rodriguez split with Cameron Diaz, he found himself a younger clone.

    Reports from socialitelife.com continued to surface about A-Rod and this mystery blonde woman who, like many of his girls, are in top physical shape.

    These two were supposedly having fun and were not serious, but they did have a big enough fling to attract the tabloids.

5. Candice Houlihan

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    Another fling A-Rod reportedly had was with Boston hairdresser and part-time stripper Candice Houlihan. This stripper fling is an improvement from his other one with Joslyn Noel Morse.

    Candice admitted to having been with Rodriguez while he was married and in town for a game.

    Too many strippers could be dangerous.

4. Cynthia Scurtis Rodriguez

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    Alex Rodriguez has a thing for girls who are physically fit. So it is no surprise that he met his wife at a gym in Miami, Florida, according to People Magazine.

    Alex decided to go the opposite way of Derek Jeter and got married before taking full advantage of being a star athlete.

    The couple was married for six years, starting in 2002. However, infidelity was frequent throughout the marriage.

3. Cameron Diaz

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    Cameron Diaz is getting older, but is still one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. They started a relationship in the summer of 2010 and would probably be first on the list if they started a relationship in the summer of 2000.

    Unlike Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz failed to bring success to Alex and the New York Yankees (which really hurts her stock on this list).

2. Torrie Wilson

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    Alex's newest relationship is with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. Another blonde Rodriguez added to his list.

    Time will tell if Wilson brings A-Rod the same success, but, for now, he has moved on from actresses to one of the hottest divas of all time.

1. Kate Hudson

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    Kate Hudson is undoubtedly A-Rod's No. 1 girl.

    Their relationship caused them to be a popular item in the tabloids, success for A-Rod and the Yankees in 2009, and helped fix Alex's tarnished public perception.