How Will the Citi Field Dimension Changes Affect the New York Mets in 2012?

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IIDecember 30, 2011

The New York Mets have decided to alter Citi Field's dimensions this offseason. The construction is well underway, and close to being finished.

Sandy Alderson and Co. wanted the walls to come in, due to the number of home runs robbed by Citi Field's cavernous dimensions. David Wright and Jason Bay routinely got robbed of home runs at home, and Citi Field's large dimensions began to mess with some of the Mets players' minds.

A lot of them wouldn't admit it, but Citi Field definitely hurt some of the Mets psychologically. Some players got caught in the mindset that they had to swing even harder in order to even have a shot at hitting a home run at Citi.

Those bad habits were carried over to road trips. Citi Field's dimensions were screwing up the Mets' swings and mindsets. The dimension change had to come, and the batters are happy it came.

The dimension changes aren't drastic, but they will indeed buy the team a few more home runs. I believe that players like David Wright and Jason Bay will not see a drastic improvement regarding home runs in 2012.

I expect their home run totals in Citi Field to increase by no more than five. The dimension changes should have a bigger impact on the players' mindsets.

The Mets batters will no longer have to worry about routinely hitting pop flies that should have been home runs. If they hit the ball with authority at Citi Field, then it will now most likely be a homer. The players will be rewarded for their hard contact at home now, something that all of the batters are happy about.

Citi Field's new dimensions are being described as neutral. The dimensions should provide a fair balance between hitters and pitchers. The Mets pitchers are probably a little upset that the dimension changes have come.

The Mets pitchers have had much better ERAs at home then they have away from home in the past few seasons. That shows that the Mets pitchers have benefited greatly from Citi Field's deep dimensions.

When asked about the dimension changes, Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey basically said that he believes that the dimension changes won't hurt the pitchers too badly. He mentioned that with the reduced size of the outfield, the team's outfielders will now have less ground to cover. That should result in less bloopers landing for hits.

The rest of the Mets pitchers will have to take a page out of Dickey's book. Dickey is managing to keep a great mindset even after the dimension changes. If any Mets pitchers are negatively affected by the dimension changes, then they will hurt the Mets and themselves.

The Mets and their fans just have to hope that the pitchers stay level-headed and don't even think about the dimension changes.

No dimensions can be perfect, but I believe that if the Mets have the right mindsets, Citi Field could help the team out. A great home field can really help out a team, and the new neutral dimensions at Citi Field could work wonders for the New York Mets.