UFC 141 Predictions: Who's Fighting for His Job?

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIDecember 30, 2011

UFC 141 Predictions: Who's Fighting for His Job?

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    A fighter's job is to win fights. Unfortunately for some of UFC 141's competitors, wins have been hard to come by lately. 

    There are several fighters on the card who will be fighting for more than a title shot, notoriety and a win bonus—they'll be fighting to keep their jobs with the UFC.

    So which fighters are on the proverbial hot seat? Which fighters will wind up on the ever-lengthening unemployment line with a loss? Read on and find out!

Matt Riddle

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    Ultimate Fighter veteran Matt Riddle hasn't done well in the UFC as of late. He is currently riding a two-fight losing streak, and a third loss in a row against Brazilian Luis Ramos would almost definitely seal the deal on his Octagon career. 

Efrain Escudero

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    Efrain Escudero instantly made a name for himself when he beat the supposed "next big thing" Phillipe Nover in The Ultimate Fighter season 11 finale.

    Since then, he's only been a disappointment. He went 2-2 after that fight and after a loss to Charles Oliveira in which Escudero missed weight by three pounds (a offense considered truly heinous and insulting by fans, pundits, fighters and most importantly UFC president Dana White), he was booted from the organization. 

    Escudero put together a three-fight winning streak after leaving the company, but if he loses in embarrassing or boring fashion to Jacob Volkmann, his second stint in the UFC will be over as fast as it started.

Sean Pierson

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    Sean Pierson is a good fighter but just good; he's beaten some decent fighters but folded when faced with a top competitor in Jake Ellenberger. 

    If Pierson loses at UFC 141 for a second time in a row to the Korean grappling ace Dong Hyung Kim, it's possible that the UFC will axe him and replace his spot on the roster with someone more deserving since his best days are behind him—he's 35 years old, practically an old man for MMA.

Ross Pearson

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    Ross Pearson is just an average lightweight. He's beaten some decent competitors, but that's it. 

    His most recent fight is a loss to lightweight prospect and dynamic striker Edson Barboza. 

    If Pearson loses to Junior Assunção, he'll be on a two-fight skid and that may be enough to eject him from the UFC.

    However, he is British, so that may warrant keeping him around for a bit longer.

Vladimir Matyushenko

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    Bulgarian standout Vladimir Matyushenko may be on a two-fight winning streak, but at 41 years of age, a loss could force him into retirement.