EPL: Is Robbie Fowler the Greatest Premier League Striker Ever?

Eric Boakye Antwi@@ericboaky500Contributor IDecember 30, 2011

Robbie Fowler is the fourth highest scorer in Premier League history, yet few people know this. While everyone has heard of Wayne Rooney or Paul Gascoigne, few people would agree that Robert Bernard Fowler's name is on the lips of every soccer afficionado. Why is this?

The answer is that the player in question is one of the most modest human beings on earth. This is the same player who did not know how to celebrate when scoring five times in a game and who went missing afterward when the press sought to interview him on his feat. He clearly does not bask in the adulation that comes with being a top-notch EPL striker as say, Wayne Rooney does.

Robbie Fowler, like Wayne Rooney, belonged to the blue half of the Mersey as a boy. But when the red half came calling he wisely did not turn them away. He knew playing for a top four club was the easiest way to greatness, as even the likes of Rooney came to realize. He signed schoolboy forms for Liverpool and was soon making his debut, scoring in the 3-1 away win at Fulham in the League Cup before scoring all five goals in the return leg at Anfield two weeks later, making him only the fourth player to score five in a senior fixture in Liverpool's history.

Fowler also owns the record for the fastest hat-trick ever scored in the EPL, as he needed only four minutes and 33 seconds to achieve the feat against Arsenal in the '94-'95 season—a record that may never be broken.

With all these records under his hat, Robbie Fowler is not a household name yet. When is he going to be? Maybe he never will. Was his name ever sung in the terraces of the Kop end of Anfield as tribute to him, the way the prima donnas of today are? Maybe. But it did not catch on.

They tried giving him a nickname—"God"—but it didn't stick. Was it the sheer audacity of the name that killed it? How could one give the most modest person in the game the very nickname of one who created everything? It wasn't going to stick.

Uncharacteristic of EPL superstars, he invested in horses and real estate rather than living in castles and driving fancy cars.