Ronde Barber's Attitude Typical of What Afflicts Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2011

Ronde Barber implied he'd retire if Raheem Morris is fired.
Ronde Barber implied he'd retire if Raheem Morris is fired.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Like a spoiled child, Ronde Barber told everyone this week that if Raheem Morris doesn't come back as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then he might just pack up his toys and head for the golf course.

Barber told Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, "I'd be lying if I didn't say that,"  when asked about he and Morris being joined at the hip.

Therein lies one of the major problems with this football team.

Yes, they all want Morris back, and why not? It's a pure country club atmosphere at One Buccaneer Place. Doesn't matter how poorly you play. No one's accountable, no consequences, no one gets called out. Don't worry, the coach will simply tell us we need to play harder, faster and smarter.

Sure, every once in a while Morris made some poor soul a scapegoat, as in the time when he sent Brian Price packing with a quarter left to play. Price, of all people. You'd think Morris would send one of his "pets" packing?

Think about this for a moment. Barber is part of what could be the worst defense ever in the sordid history of the franchise. It will become an all-time "worst" moment if the helpless defense that Morris coordinates surrenders 25 points to the Falcons. Obviously Barber doesn't mind being a part of that.

Barber's selfish attitude simply magnifies the underlying stink that infiltrates this football team.

Even more interesting was a blog from WDAE's Justin Pawlowski. Pawlowski is a former college football player, a bright young man and a rising star at 620 AM. He had a conversation with a defensive player and revealed this eye-opening quote from the inside:

"We all like Raheem Morris," said an unidentified member of the defense, "because he's a nice guy but it is very apparent that we are not playing for him."

Does that comes as the least bit of a surprise?

If that's not interesting enough, try on some commentary by former tight end Dave Moore. Moore's an excellent part of the radio broadcast team, a former blue-collar work-your-butt-off kinda guy who knows what's what when it comes to life in the NFL.

Moore's take on the defense?

"Either they don't know it well enough or they're not disciplined enough to put in the time to really understand what their responsibilities are," Moore told Ian Beckles, a former Bucs offensive lineman who works the morning Ron and Ian show on 620.

Keep in mind Moore is a paid employee of the organization.

Add it all up and it's so very evident that there a huge disconnect on this football team, and the living proof is nine straight losses and the bunch of blowouts.

This mess reminds me of that teacher in high school that everyone loved, the teacher that was easy when it came to grades. Students loved that teacher, loved the fact that you didn't have to bust your butt for a decent grade, you'd never have to worry about getting into trouble. No problem if you're late for class. Forget an assignment, oh, then just bring it in tomorrow.

Yeah, that was the popular teacher, the one everyone loved.

The same way a lot of these Buccaneers love Raheem Morris.