Matt Hardy Posts Video on His Current Status, Says He Will Prove He Is Better

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Matt Hardy has had quite a rough year in both his personal and professional life. I will not rehash all the details of every issue he has had because it has been gone into many times and we do not need to go into it again. 

What I am most interested in is how he will be going forward. Hardy is someone who has been a favorite for many wrestling fans for years and his downward spiral has served as a cautionary tail for some.


Hardy posted this video on YouTube telling people what he has learned from this whole situation and what he plans to do.


Watching the video, I have to say that Hardy looks healthier than I have seen him look in a long time. He has color to his skin, he looks like he has lost weight without becoming emaciated and he seems focused and clear-headed in the video.


I, as a Hardy fan, hope he is finally ready to turn that corner and start back on the path to being 100 percent again. He said in a past video that he was done with the wrestling business, but I do not think he will ever truly be done.


He has made plans to open a school to train wrestlers, and I would not be surprised to see him turn up in TNA or WWE one day, even for just a one off appearance to put someone over.


I say good luck to Matt Hardy, and I hope we hear more positive things from him soon.

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