UFC 141 Predictions: 8 Things You Will NOT See Tonight

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IDecember 31, 2011

UFC 141 Predictions: 8 Things You Will NOT See Tonight

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    The wait is over, ladies and gentlemen: UFC 141 is tonight.

    There's not enough words that can fully amplify the magnitude of this year-end event, but with the few words we're allowed to put in print, we can say that on top of an undercard featuring a clash of a returning Jon Fitch against Johny Hendricks and an emotion-powered lightweight bout in the form of Nate Diaz-Donald Cerrone, the final UFC card of 2011 promises to close out the year in the same fashion that UFC 125 opened 2011.

    We've see a lot go down this year and there are a plethora of things that will definitely be seen as "plausible enough to happen" as UFC 141 progresses tonight.

    What you are about to see is a total of eight exceptions to the aforementioned statement, as it relates to what to expect at UFC 141.

    In other words, here's what you can forget about seeing at UFC 141 tonight.

A Night Without 1 Look at the Ring Girls

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    This is pretty much a given.

    Even if the action involved in one fight somehow helps us forget what round we're in, we'll constantly find ourselves conveniently remembering what round we're about to be in.

    Thank Arianny?


    Thank Chandella?


    Thank Brittney?

    Well, more like "Thank goodness for us that we still have Brittney," because it's unfathomable to think of where the sport might be without her, but we'll just say someone will help us out.

Jacob Volkmann Cracking a Serious Post-Fight Joke

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    Some people like Christmas, but some people don't like Jacob "Christmas" Volkmann.

    That's their prerogative, as people are free to like who they like and dislike who they dislike.

    Volkmann's a guy that I'm personally surprised is still on the roster after that abominable welterweight run he had, but lightweight turned out to be his more natural weight and he did show that he can be a dominant force, especially tonight in the first two rounds against Efrain Escudero.

    However, being a dominant force has also meant not really going in for the kill whenever the opportunity was there to finish, although he doesn't really have to.

    He didn't finish Escudero, but he looked dominant doing it.

    As for his two little statements after the fight, I will only say that I didn't get the Obama joke, but I got the joke about Frankie Edgar needing to work on his takedown defense.

    Seriously, Frankie Edgar needs to work on his takedown defense, Jacob?

    That's quite the joke.

A Snoozer from 1 of the Spike Prelims

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    Anthony Njokuani, Danny Castillo and Ross Pearson are all names that some mainstream fans might be familiar with, and to say the least, all three men do know how to turn it up when it counts.

    Junior Assuncao is another name that some fans have their eye on as far as featherweights, and with all four being featured on the last Spike TV prelim card in history, the card is a real must-see for anyone looking for a free fix of fights.

    Stylistically, the fights look great, but will they be able to deliver on the excitement value when the time comes?

    We'll find out tonight.

Nam Phan Showing Any Sign of a Draining Weight Cut

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    Nam Phan made weight on his first attempt for his bout with Jim Hettes, but Keith Kizer asked Phan before he (Phan) stepped off the scale, "What were you so worried about?"

    Did Phan have a tougher weight cut than his physique suggested?

    When a guy can make weight without looking like he's sucking in on the scales, that usually doesn't translate out to a bad weight cut, and Phan will prove that he did have a good cut when the cage door locks on him and Hettes tonight.

    If anything, maybe cardio or speed could be a question, but Phan's been good about that so far in his UFC career, so really he only has to worry about defending Hettes' takedowns and getting submitted.

    Shouldn't be a problem for Phan, right?

Vladimir Matyushenko Beating Alexander Gustafsson, but Losing on the Scorecards

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    Maybe it's because I have Gustafsson winning this fight, or maybe it's because I don't see this fight really going to decision, but in the event that it does, one would have to expect the judges getting it right.

    Now then, when I say "Matyushenko loses a decision after he wins the fight," I'm not saying that Gustafsson beats Matyushenko only to hear that he loses the decision either.

    However, if the fight goes the distance, one should expect the winner to clearly take at least two rounds with one potentially being close, and if the fight ends with the winner earning all three rounds, then that's even better for them.

    Simple translation: The winner of this one will have earned it if it goes to the judges.

Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks Being the Best Fight on the Card

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    Seriously, if you think Jon Fitch is going to split a Fight of The Night bonus with Johny Hendricks, there might be a bit of something wrong with you.

    Hendricks has turned in exciting finishes before, but Fitch's last claim thereof was in June of 2007, and since then, he's been content with doing enough to just not lose.

    Granted, dominating performances that lead to lopsided decision wins still count as legitimate win, but especially with Nate Diaz-Donald Cerrone on the card, it's just not realistic to see Fitch vs. Hendricks as the best fight on the card.

    Then again, if Jon Fitch is in it, is it realistic to see his as the best fight on any card, even without Cerrone or Diaz on the card?

Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz Showing Any Legitimate Sportsmanship

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    In all honesty, Diaz has only had two dull fights recently, and he was dominated in both fights by fighters with then-dull styles of fighting.

    Actually, Dong Hyun Kim's style probably still is a bit on the boring side, but Gray Maynard's style has changed up to where we know "The Bully" can actually mount some stand-up when he creates an opening to do so.

    As far as his bout with Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone goes for tonight, this bout's excitement level will be no different than the bout Diaz recently had against Takanori Gomi at UFC 135.

    The stylistic matchup sells the fight on its own, but the pre-fight animosity has raised questions about whether Diaz vs. Cerrone will wind up being one of the best fights on what's left of 2011, and if you're finding any reason why this fight will suck, you should probably order the even, even though you said you wouldn't.

    Just don't expect any sportsmanship or class from either man until the hype and fallout all die out...and don't be surprised if something happens in between the end of the fight and the announcement of the finish.

The Main Event Going to a Decision

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    Brock Lesnar's only gone to a decision one time in his career, and Alistair Overeem has won twice by the judges, but the stylistic matchup is what makes some people think that this main event is one that will end in an unanimous decision.

    Many believe Lesnar's wrestling is at least good enough to give Alistair trouble for at least one portion of the round, but while it's not a requirement to finish the fight before the 15 minutes are up, one must think that Lesnar and Overeem know all too well how the judges can operate if a fight does go the distance.

    Besides, Alistair said out loud that he'd put money on a first-round KO, but he personally guarantees that this fight will not leave the second round.

    Dangerous word choice, Alistair. That's a statement that could very well mean Lesnar scores the knockout in the second if it doesn't happen in the first.