NFL Picks Week 17: Kyle Orton Will Get Revenge on Denver Broncos

Andre Khatchaturian@AndreKhatchCorrespondent IIIDecember 30, 2011

NFL Picks Week 17: Kyle Orton Will Get Revenge on Denver Broncos

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    When the Denver Broncos got rid of Kyle Orton, it was a message to the NFL that they were sticking with Tim Tebow to become their franchise quarterback.

    The Broncos were 1-4 with Orton as their starting quarterback and they were in a deep hole right from the get-go. Tebow then lifted the Broncos from the dead through some great fourth quarter heroics and some...well, a lot of assistance from his running game and defense.

    If Orton feels anything like this, then he's definitely going to have some extra motivation to get some revenge on his old team.

    It's a huge game for the Broncos. If they win, they win the AFC West. If they lose and the Raiders win, the Raiders take the division and the Broncos are eliminated.

    Orton put the Broncos in a 1-4 hole, now he has a second chance to try to end the Broncos season. 

    Here are five reasons why Orton will spoil the end of the Broncos season, the same way he put a damper on the beginning of the season.

Orton Is Human

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    There is no doubt that Kyle Orton had some hard feelings when the Broncos let him go. Maybe he doesn't feel as bad as the guy portrays him to be in the hilarious YouTube video, but players do think about this stuff.

    Orton is going to be energized. He knows what's at stake and he can finish a dismal season on a positive note if he can eliminate the Broncos. 

    Expect Orton to play emotionally and valiantly in what is probably the most meaningful game of his career thus far. 

Tebow's Back to Earth

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    After two consecutive losses, Tebow Mania has died down. 

    Tebow's play has been not been divine recently. Maybe the Supreme Beings have been busy during the holiday season and haven't been able to help out Tebow. 

    In all seriousness though, it seems like Tebow has lost all the momentum that he had a few weeks ago when he had all those crazy comeback wins. He threw four interceptions last week at Buffalo

    He's never had to bounce back after a horrendous game like that before. Who knows how he'll recover for the most important game of his young career.

Chiefs Defense

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    Other than getting routed by the New York Jets several weeks ago, the Chiefs defense has been pretty stark in the last five weeks. Other than the Jets game, where they gave up 37 points, the Chiefs didn't allow more than 16 points in the other four games.

    Some of these teams were pretty solid, too. They held the Green Bay Packers to 14 points in their only defeat of the season. They also kept the Steelers at bay as they only scored 13 points. 

    They've done it against quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger. They have the confidence to do it against Tebow.

    The Broncos will be able to run the ball because they do that against everyone. They'll get their rushing yards. What the Chiefs need to do is stifle the air attack which they've proven they can do. The Chiefs are ninth in passing yards allowed and they've also forced 19 interceptions this year.

    Don't be surprised if the Chiefs force some turnovers against Tebow, who threw four interceptions last week and may not have had a little break in his confidence. 

Denver Defense Isn't That Great

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    A lot has been made of the Denver defense playing remarkably during Tebow's run. However, the truth is Denver's defense isn't all that great.

    The Broncos are 20th in passing yards allowed. They only have nine interceptions, which is tied for third lowest in the league. Their rushing defense isn't that much better, as it's ranked 25th in the league in terms of rushing yards allowed.

    At home, the Broncos defense isn't that much better than their season average. On the season, they allow about 364 yards per game. At home, they allow close to 354 yards. 

    The Broncos defense has been situationally good in big moments. That said, they're average at best and they're not going to stifle Orton and the Chiefs the way a Steelers or Ravens defense would. 

Chiefs Have Nothing to Lose

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    The number one reason why the Chiefs can pull off an upset at Denver is because they have absolutely nothing to lose. They're not going anywhere. 

    All they know is that by winning they can make a divisional rival go home after a season of constant media attention because of Tim Tebow.

    Denver, on the contrary, absolutely needs to win this game. They can still make the playoffs if Oakland loses, too, but they definitely don't want to put their hopes on the San Diego Chargers beating the Raiders.

    Plus, Denver is a young team that has a plethora of players who have never played in a pressure-packed game like this. Mistakes become more prevalent for young teams like the Broncos in situations like this.

    Kansas City is going to play this game the same way a college guy would approach a girl at a bar when he's a little buzzed and knows he has nothing to lose because he's never going to see the girl again. They're going to feel invincible and confident, and all the Chiefs want to do is end a disappointing season on a high note.