Alabama Football: Who Could Be Alabama's MVP in the BCS Championship Game?

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2011

Alabama Football: Who Could Be Alabama's MVP in the BCS Championship Game?

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    Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer) Sometimes players step up when you need them the most and there's no better time for a player to step up than in the national championship game.

    Alabama has stars, to be sure, but Alabama is more about the team that most high-profile teams, and the chances of just one man being the MVP in a game like this are very small.

    There are many men on this team with the talent and muscle to have the game of their career. This article examines just who they could be.

    So, in order of 10 to one, let's examine who these players are most likely to be. And remember, as always, we welcome your comments as to who who rated too high, too low or was left off entirely.

10. Cade Foster

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    Perfect irony? Many would think so if Foster nails a game winning kick to redeem himself from previous misses.

    As unlikely as many fans think it will be, this is certainly a possibility—even he does come in at No. 10.

9. Barrett Jones

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    Barrett Jones had problems in the last LSU game with injury. If he could stay healthy, dominate his opponent and make a highlight reel block or two down field, he could wind up being the MVP in this game.

    It could be the first time an offensive tackle wins this award in BCS history.

8. Brad Smelley

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    In last month's Iron Bowl against Auburn, Smelley was the "go to" guy who kept the chains moving all day long.

    With a similar game against LSU, Bama's hot tight end could easily wind up being the MVP.

7. Dont'a Hightower

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    Hightower still hasn't shown the Alabama fans the best game he can play. What better place to finally do so than the BCS Championship Game?

    He has the potential to pull out many highlight reel moments and for a man deciding whether to stay or go to the NFL, an MVP performance would assure that he gets the NFL attention he desires.

    Not that he needs an extra incentive besides the chance for another championship.

6. Jesse Williams

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    In the last BCS game Alabama played, defensive end Marcell Dareus stole the show and the MVP with a dominating game, and a highlight-reel interception that went for a touchdown.

    Could Jesse Williams finally get his moment in the sun and signature game with such an award?

    He certainly has the muscle and quickness to be the hero—it will be interesting to see if does just that.

5. Eddie Lacey

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    Eddie Lacy is capable of a highlight-reel moment every time he touches the ball. He could easily get less carries than Richardson and still steal the show by breaking some long runs for touchdowns to seal the game for Bama.

    In the last meeting, turf toe prevented him from much participation, and he'd like nothing more than to make up for that by killing the LSU Tigers this time around.

4. Robert Lester

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    Last year, Robert Lester led the SEC with eight interceptions. This year, he has only two.

    This is a man that is both capable and overdue for a big game.

    Will this be the game he gets it?

    Should Lester have that game, he could easily be the MVP.

3. Marquis Maze

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    As the deep threat receiver and kick/punt returner, Marquis Maze has two ways to earn this award—either position could earn him the award.

    He certainly has the talent to pull this off, and it's been a while since he's had a big game. Alabama fans are hoping that the wait is over for his next breakout game.

2. A. J. McCarron

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    McCarron has largely surpassed most fans' expectations this season as signal caller for the Crimson Tide, but he still has not had a signature win come from his ability or leadership yet.

    He is certainly capable of doing that and earning an MVP, but will he?

    That is the 64-dollar question.

    Another will be if Saban and company unleash him in this game and even give him the chance to showcase his skills.

1. Trent Richardson

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    Trent Richardson would (or should) be everyone's choice to be the most likely to win the MVP award for an Alabama win.

    The question, however, is will he do it?

    Although the decision to leave for the NFL or stay for his senior season has been made by now, an MVP season here would only ramp up the frenzy for his services that much more.

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