ESPN's Top 10 Goals of 2011

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent IDecember 29, 2011

ESPN's Top 10 Goals of 2011

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    Only a couple of days left in 2011, and ESPN Deportes has released their top 10 Goals of 2011.

    Thousands of goals are scored around the world a year, and ESPN has finally narrowed it down to the 10 best.

    Now, let's take a look at the best goals of this past year.

    Keep in mind that these aren't my top 10 goals, so I don't want to read any hate! Enjoy!

10. Carlos Vela's Missed Shot Turns to GOLAZO

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    Game: Real Sociedad vs Málaga

    To start things off, we have one of a couple bicycle kicks we will see. And this one is done by Mexican striker Carlos Vela.

    Off a throw-in, a Sociedad defender bombs the ball to Málaga's defenders, and the ball is worked up in the air. It gets to Vela, who horribly shoots it with his left, and a defender kicks it the wrong way to Vela's head.

    Then, just listen to the commentator's words, even if you don't speak Spanish.

9. Raúl Meireles Volley Goal

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    Game: Liverpool vs Wolverhampton

    Please excuse the music in the background, as I could not find a video with proper sound.

    Nonetheless, Meireles kicks a great volley shot to the Wanderer's goalie when a defender cleared the ball with his head. The rest is history and a great goal!

8. Goalie Did Good, Stankovic Does Better

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    Game: Inter Milan vs Schalke 04

    Right here, Inter's player sends the ball looking for his man up top. Schalke's goalie telegraphs that pass and sends a daring header away from his goal.

    Then, Stankovic makes him pay and scores a long goal.

7. Wesley Sneijder's Beauty

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    Game: Netherlands vs Austria

    Sneijder with the ball. He takes on a defender and does a little give-and-go with his teammate. He looks as if he's been fouled and takes the shot anyways.

    What we got is a beautiful goal that the Austrian goalie was not expecting.

6. Julio Gómez's Bicycle

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    Game: U-17 Mexico vs Germany

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    Semifinal match between Mexico and Germany. The game is tied 2-2 with 88 minutes since the initial whistle. Only one team would win and face Uruguay in the U-17 World Cup Finals.

    That team came out to be Mexico because of this "chilena." A brilliant corner kick done by Jonathan Espericueta, and it was headered to Gómez, who—banged up and wrapped up—gave Mexico their lead to go on to the Finals and beat Uruguay.

5. Halfway and Another Bicycle!

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    Game: Olimpo vs Arsenal

    Let's go down South to Argentina.

    Lisándro López gives us yet another bicycle kick, which takes so much accuracy and timing. No actual setup, just pure brilliance off a corner.

4. Giovani Dos Santos' GOLAZO

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    Game: Mexico vs United States

    If you're American, you want to forget but can't. If you're Mexican, you will never forget it!

    Jávier "Chicharito" Hernández does a great job shielding the ball and then passes it to Gerardo Torrado. He lob passes to Giovani dos Santos, and he does work.

    Seven American players are just staring at him, hoping he coughs it up. Instead, Gio chips it over everybody else, scoring the best goal Mexico has seen in a while.

    Mexico wins 4-2 and becomes the Gold Cup champions.

3. Messi's Juggle Goal

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    Game: Barçelona vs Arsenal

    Pass maestro, Andrés Iniesta with the ball. Lionel Messi follows. Iniesta delivers a nice, chip past through three defenders. This perfect split goes to Messi, who just drops the world's jaw. He flicks it up, then again over the Gunners goalie and shoots it straight.

    Messi is showing us why he is the best player in the world.

2. Neymar vs Flamengo

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    Game: Santos vs Flamengo

    First, Neymar takes on two defenders cleanly. Then, his give-and-go pass goes to his forward. For his final move, I don't even know what it's called, yet it works! Two defenders commit to Neymar, and even the goalie comes rushing to him. A hard chip later, and he scores the second best goal of this year.

    As the commentator would say, "Neymar, espetacular!"

1. The Best of the Best

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    Game: Manchester United vs Manchester City

    Bitter rivals clashing for yet another match.

    Nani, with the ball, sees Wayne Rooney and centers it. Rooney then delivers the bicycle kick of the year. And makes the commentators go crazy...and they're English commentators, too!

    Shame that this was the best quality of the goal of the year.

    Do you think that there are better goals that ESPN missed? Comment below, and thanks for the read!