MLB Free Agency: Where Prince Fielder and Every Top Scott Boras Client Will Land

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2011

MLB Free Agency: Where Prince Fielder and Every Top Scott Boras Client Will Land

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    Scott Boras' name has not come up that often yet this winter, but it will be popping up everywhere soon. Boras has a number of top free agents, including Prince Fielder, that have not signed yet this winter.

    There are 14 free agents that Boras represents. He will be looking to find new homes for all of these players and the market for their services will be heating up.

    At the moment, Boras represents the best hitter, best starting pitcher and the best reliever that are available on the free-agent market. He is in for a big winter if he can get these players the deals that he thinks they deserve.

Prince Fielder

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    Destination: Texas Rangers

    The Texas Rangers have already made one big move to counter the signings that the Los Angeles Angels made this winter and they may be able to make another big splash.

    According to Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers are in on Prince Fielder.

    Scott Boras has distributed a binder with interesting facts about Fielder to teams that are considering signing him this winter.

Edwin Jackson

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    Destination: Toronto Blue Jays

    Edwin Jackson is the best starting pitcher left on the market. He was ranked as the eighth-best player available this winter.

    Teams have not been making as big of a push for Jackson as Scott Boras would have liked. Having missed out on Yu Darvish, the Toronto Blue Jays could make a run at Jackson this winter.

Ryan Madson

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    Destination: Los Angeles Angels

    Ryan Madson is the best relief pitcher available on the free-agent market. However, the number of teams that are interested in him is getting smaller and smaller as teams find closers elsewhere.

    Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe mentions that the Los Angeles Angels are interested in Madson. Signing him would certainly be the icing on the cake for their offseason.

Carlos Pena

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    Destination: St. Louis Cardinals

    After missing out on re-signing Albert Pujols, St. Louis can either turn to internal options to fill the massive hole at first base or they can look to the free-agent market.

    Should the Cardinals go out and sign a free agent to play first base, Carlos Pena seems to be a good fit. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweeted that it is a possibility that the Cardinals go after Pena.

Johnny Damon

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    Destination: Tampa Bay Rays

    Johnny Damon played well in 2011, but he will be looking at a one-year contract for 2012. This makes him appealing for a number of different teams.

    Damon has previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays and he could serve as their DH in 2012. Ken Davidoff of Newsday notes that there is interest from both sides about a possible deal.

Ivan Rodriguez

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    Destination: New York Mets

    Ivan Rodriguez has had a Hall of Fame-caliber career, but he is no longer an everyday catcher. Teams looking for an experienced backup should be interested in Pudge.

    The New York Mets are trying to find an inexpensive catcher that could help them out in 2012. Rodriguez could be that player, according to Jon Heyman.

Andruw Jones

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    Destination: New York Yankees

    Teams will not know what to expect from Andruw Jones in 2012. He has been up and down over the past few years.

    The New York Yankees are interested in bringing Jones back according to Bryan Hoch of Other teams are going after Jones, but he will likely stay in New York.

J.D. Drew

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    Destination: Atlanta Braves

    Following the 2011 season, there is some doubt as to if J.D. Drew can be an everyday outfielder. He may have to become a fourth outfielder.

    Nick Carfado mentions the Atlanta Braves as a possible destination for Drew. He would make sense as a bat of the bench for the team.

Magglio Ordonez

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    Destination: Oakland Athletics

    Despite a poor season, Magglio Ordonez thinks that he can still contribute in 2012. He is looking for a team that will let him do that.

    The Oakland Athletics are looking for outfielders and they could be willing to give Ordonez a shot if he is willing to accept an inexpensive deal.

Ryan Spilborghs

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    Destination: Minnesota Twins

    The Colorado Rockies already have a number of outfielders, which is why they decided to non-tender Ryan Spilborghs this winter.

    Their loss will be another team's gain. Spliborghs is a bench bat that can help contribute to whichever team signs him.

Jason Varitek

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    Destination: Boston Red Sox

    Jason Varitek has more value to the Boston Red Sox then to any other team. It is likely that he will re-sign with the Red Sox.

    Ben Cherington told Alex Speier of WEEI that they are currently in talks with Varitek and that they hope that they can bring him back.

Rick Ankiel

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    Destination: Washington Nationals

    Rick Ankiel has not been able to match the 25 home runs that he hit in 2008 or even hit reach half of that total since that season.

    However, he still has some potential to be a starting outfielder. According to Amanda Comak of the Washington Post, the Nationals and Ankiel have been discussing a reunion.

Mike Gonzalez

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    Destination: New York Yankees

    Mike Gonzalez was a big piece of the Texas Rangers run in the postseason. He is a good reliever and can either be a closer or a setup man.

    The Rangers are interested in bringing him back, but a number of other teams are interested in signing him. The Yankees are interested in him and he could become a key part of their bullpen.

Kevin Millwood

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    Destination: Seattle Mariners

    Teams are always looking for pitching help and Kevin Millwood is the type of pitcher than can fill out the back end of a starting rotation.

    The Seattle Mariners are looking for another pitcher. Jon Heyman has tweeted that they have an interest in Millwood.