WWE Rumors: Will Jeff Hardy Ever Return to WWE or Has He Burned That Bridge?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 29, 2011

Photo: TNA.com
Photo: TNA.com

According to Wrestlinginc.com, there was a rumor floating around regarding Jeff Hardy returning to the WWE. Apparently, Mexican wrestling magazine Super Luchas started a rumor that Jeff Hardy was the one behind the cryptic 1/2/2012 videos.

This was done as a joke for All Saints Day, which in Mexico is somewhat similar to April Fools' Day in the US. The report included this note:

Several sources close to Hardy and TNA confirm that the rumor is just as it sounds – 100% false. We've also been told there are absolutely no plans for Jeff Hardy to return to WWE at this time.

This does bring up an interesting topic, though. Is it possible for Jeff Hardy to ever make a return to the WWE? His issues since leaving the company have been very public and the WWE no doubt knows about everything going on with him.

He is currently the top contender for the World title in TNA and does not look like he's gearing up to leave the company any time soon.

That being said, given the opportunity, would the WWE ever take Jeff Hardy back? Would Jeff Hardy even go back to the WWE?

The WWE seemed to be what was keeping Hardy on the straight and narrow path for the few years he was back after his first stint in TNA. He had two wellness policy violations, but had a great run towards the end.

Ever since leaving, it has been one issue after another for the Hardy boys and now it looks like Jeff may be turning himself around.

He is looking like he is in better shape than he has been in a few years and his in ring performances are noticeably improved from several months back when he had to be sent home by TNA.

I have always been a Hardy supporter and I want to see both of them find success and stay healthy. I just hope that they can both do it this time.

Jeff may not even want to return to the WWE, though. He made it clear that the long travel schedule and crazy number of shows each year took a very physical toll on his body.

He is also a family man now, having had his first child last year. He may want to keep close for the time being to spend time with them.

The other side of the coin is whether or not the WWE would even take him back. With his history, they may not want to take the chance.

Look at the WWE's two top champions right now—one is a vegan and one is straight edge. Hardy is not exactly the best friend of the wellness policy and we don't even know if he would return with the same two strikes he had when he left or whether he would start over at zero.

My own selfishness wants to see Hardy back in WWE, simply because I think his best work is in front of a huge audience. He is one of the bright spots of TNA, but with all the young high flyers they have, Hardy barely stands out as the best.

Would a return to WWE ever be in the cards for Jeff Hardy?