Can Tyler Black and Skip Sheffield Help Keep Up Trend of Good Wrestling in WWE?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 29, 2011


WWE developmental star and former Ring of Honor wrestler Seth Rollins, aka Tyler Black, has been performing in some dark matches for the WWE recently.

Black, like Bryan and CM Punk, is another who comes from ROH and other independent promotions with some legitimate mat wrestling skills.

For a while now, Black has been saying that he is ready to come up to the main show. It's a good thing that the WWE did not try to put him on NXT, because who knows where he would have ended up had that happened.

If the WWE wants to continue their trend of having better matches week in and week out, they need to utilize Black in the right way.

He is a great wrestler who can bring some excitement to his matches and compete with the other standout wrestlers like Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler.

Skip Sheffield has also been appearing in some dark matches lately and has been able to rebound from that nasty injury he suffered last year.

Sheffield is someone who had some support in the back as being a possible main event player some time down the line.

He is decent in the ring and on the mic and has the right look to go a long way in the WWE. He is much more athletic than some of the guys his size and can be a good asset if used well.

Whether the WWE brings him back as a heel or face is yet to be seen, but we do know that the WWE applied for the trademark to the name Ryback, which means he could be coming back with that name instead.

What little exposure we had to Sheffield before he was injured was good enough to show me he had definite potential.

I am looking forward to these two guys making some kind of impact in the WWE shortly. My only hope is that they are both used properly and not wasted like other top-notch competitors such as Kaval, Kozlov and DH Smith, for instance.

Do Sheffield and Black have what it takes to succeed in the WWE?