UFC 141: Jon Fitch and the 5 Best Grinders in MMA

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2011

UFC 141: Jon Fitch and the 5 Best Grinders in MMA

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    Some of the top fighters in the sport utilize their ground control to keep the fight on their terms. One prime example of this is UFC 141 fighter, Jon Fitch who is set to take on Johnny Hendricks.

    Fitch has been deemed by fans as "boring", but what they can't call him is "loser". Fitch may be boring but his 23-3-1 record speaks for itself. 

    In fact, on this list only one fighter has lost consecutive fights and the fighters have a combined 90-12-3 record.

    This list is also home to one of the top pound-for-pound fighters, three former title contenders and one undefeated up-and-coming title contender.

    Like it was said many times before, it has been other fighters jobs to stop these guys, but they are too good at what they do to be stopped.

Jon Fitch

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    If there was maybe another round in his fight against B.J. Penn, Fitch might have been the first man to finish Penn.

    Alas, Fitch didn't and he is still considered by fans as the man who best utilizes "lay-n-pray" technique.

    I think it speaks for itself when the last time Fitch finished a fighter was during June of 2007. To put that in perspective, President Obama wasn't elected yet, the iPad wasn't in stores and the next man on this list didn't have a fight in his career yet.

Phil Davis

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    Phil Davis might not be "Mr. Wonderful" in the cage with his effective ground control. Davis displayed this in his fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira last March.

    The ex-Penn State wrestler has three decision victories in his five UFC fights, but his display of ground control has gotten him a perfect 9-0 mark and a huge fight against Rashad Evans next month.

    Just going to point it out right now, I like the bow tie you're rocking Phil. It is pretty awesome.

Georges St-Pierre

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    GSP hasn't been the same since his knockout loss to Matt Serra nearly five years ago. Since that point in his nine fights since then, three fights have been finishes. His last four fights have been unanimous decision victories.

    Most fans criticize GSP for his inability to finish his opponents and his play it safe method. But hey, he is the welterweight champion.

Jake Shields

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    So far the only man on this list that has lost two consecutive fights and has more than two losses in his career is this man, Jake Shields.

    Shields is an excellent Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and once he gets you to the ground that is where you'll stay.

    Shields has had to take a step back now losing his last two fights to GSP and Jake Ellenberger, but the man once went undefeated for seven years. He also wasn't finished in a fight in 11 years.

Gray Maynard

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    Pre-Frankie Edgar title bouts, Maynard was the typical wrestler. Before his second fight with Edgar, Maynard had won his previous seven fights by decision.

    Maynard only has two knockouts in his career, but he does have powerful takedowns. His takedowns are so powerful that he actually knocked himself and Rob Emerson out. Go ahead look it up on YouTube. The article is finished anyway.

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