LeBron James Video: King James Dunks and Humiliates in One Sick Move

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 28, 2011

This game had everything, including a jam that left LeBron James' hand and ricocheted off of Gerald Henderson's head. 

The Miami Heat were in danger of losing their first game of the season to the perennial laughing stocks from Charlotte. The Bobcats were not about to get trounced and came out with a tremendous effort. They would ultimately fall short to the Heat, 96-95.

The game also saw star guard Dwyane Wade sidelined for a good chunk with a foot injury. Wade would later come back in the game and hobble his way to what production he could. But the real star was LeBron James, who was diving for ball and playing court leader until the bitter end. 

Towards the end of the game, and with the margin for error razor thin, James went up for a one-handed dunk. 

That's when Bobcats' guard Gerald Henderson went up to defend the stuff. I have to say that Henderson must either be an optimistic man who always looks on the bright side, or is just plain stupid. 

In what was a no duh moment of the night, James completes the dunk with ease. I think I even saw him sneak a cup of coffee in while he soared to the bucket. 

If the devastating jam wasn't enough, the King pounded the ball off Henderson's head like he was spiking a volleyball. 

Some might call this move nauseating and unnecessary. I call these people Bobcats fans. The fortuitous placement of Henderson's head led to one of the best highlights on the night. 

I can sit here and watch that ball get slammed off the noggin over and over. A great game also featured this hilarious moment.