The Undertaker - The Man, The Icon, The Legend, The Phenom

Paul BentleyContributor IJanuary 2, 2009

Its true what they say the WWE is the leader in sports entertainment and what makes the WWE so special, I think the Undertaker is one of the greatest of all time why?, because the Undertaker has been at the top of his game because of all the different things that he can do. In terms of his speed, his style, moves & skill.

Right from the moment he debuted in the business back in 1990 during the annual Survivor Series, quickly became a main event level Superstar. He is a multi time Champion, Hes won a Royal Rumble match which is clearly no easy feat.

At the top of the list he is still undefeated with a 16-0 record at Wrestlemania. What has amazed me the most aside from all the merchandise on him, but the wide variety of matches that he has brought to the ring including the Hell In a Cell Match to the Famous Casket Match which he also used at Wrestlemania 22 against Mark Henry.

I can only hope that the Undertaker will continue to remain part of the WWE in some shape or form.

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